Accurate reporting and intelligent analysis of the market is more important now than it has been before. During this challenging time, RateGain understands that more resources need to be aligned, right partnerships created and correct products on-boarded to be ready to deliver when the market conditions improve for the better.
We sincerely empathize with the state of the industry and the impact it is creating on your business and want to offer you industry leading intelligence that will help you lock in demand, recover parts of cost lost from sluggish travel ecosystem and stimulate cash flows faster with complimentary market intelligence for 90 days.

Terms & Conditions Apply.

  • This offer is not valid for our existing customers.
  • Offer applicable for OTA, Package Providers, Airlines, Car Rentals, Cruises & Ferries.
  • Contract duration should be atleast 12/18 months to avail complimentary intelligence.
  • Offer valid only if contract signed on or before April 30 2020.

We have been able to increase our clicks by 100% compared to the previous year – and we are especially pleased about the increasing direct bookings on our homepage.

Tobias Baumann
Director Sales & Marketing
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