will officially launch later this month via a partnership with major hospitality distribution company DHISCO, Inc., calling itself a “next-generation OTA.”

The site uses an advanced algorithm that scans more than 600 parameters to match travelers to the right hotels. According to Nustay co-founder and CEO Mathias Lundø Nielsen, nearly 1,000 four-star and five-star hotels around the world have signed contracts. Hotels in major destinations such as Dubai, Barcelona, London and Paris will initially be offered before more properties are gradually integrated into the system.

The use of big data is becoming more prevalent across a variety of industries, including the travel industry. It’s no wonder why, as it has the potential to tell a vast amount of information about a targeted audience and get down to the bottom of what consumers truly desire.

Naturally, it was a focus for a forward-thinking OTA that is focusing on innovation.

“Big data is extremely important; without it, you shoot in the blind,” Nielsen said. “With big data you are enabled to make quality offers based on what the individual guests actually like and prefer. A lot of companies say that they are using big data, but they are not. They may have the data, but the utilization of it is so poor. We are using the data, and it is the cornerstone of our business. We are able to make qualified matches between guests and hotels. A good match equals a happy customer, which equals good reviews and more spend during the stay.”

Nielsen personally knows all about bad matches.

“I got the idea for Nustay after a vacation to Thailand with my girlfriend back in March 2014,” Nielsen said. “We wanted a romantic getaway and spent a lot of time researching different locations and hotels. We finally found a really nice luxury resort and booked it. When we got there we were so disappointed because the hotel was mainly suited for families, and there were a lot of kids. We left the hotel each morning and spent time and money elsewhere.”

“I have never recommended the hotel to anyone even though it was a beautiful hotel,” Nielsen added. “It was a bad match and we were so disappointed.”

Offers are generated by matching a traveler’s preferences with the most relevant hotels in Nustay’s hotel reservations system, even accounting for extras and specific amenities.

Nielsen said Nustay will continue to look for “the best four and five-star hotels in the world” to feature on the site, while expanding throughout Europe and—eventually—the United States.