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Top 3 Rate Disparity Cases Acceptable to a Revenue Manager
March 4, 2020
Hotel revenue managers today face myriad of challenges while devising a holistic pricing strategy, driving top-line growth, and plugging revenue leakage. Maximizing revenue has become increasingly difficult due to the proliferation of multiple distribution channels including brand sites, Online Travel Agents (OTAs), and new-age channels such as mobile apps. Revenue managers need to constantly track prices across channels to ensure they are ahead of the competition, ...
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Rate Integrity: A Brand New Way of Increasing Direct Bookings
February 27, 2020
Maintaining rate parity is a consistent challenge for hotel revenue managers. In today’s hyper-digital travel industry, search engines, OTAs, and other digital platforms all promise a ‘lowest price guarantee,’ but few live up to the guest’s expectations. Inevitably, a guest finding a wide disparity in accommodation rates across channels loses ‘trust’ in the hotel and is less likely to stay loyal in the long-term. It’s no wonders that travelers are also confused a...
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Why Choose Rate Intelligence Over Rate Shopping?
February 19, 2020
The hotel industry is witnessing large-scale proliferation of Online Travel Aggregators (OTA) and high-price sensitivity. Hoteliers are, thus, spending innumerable hours on comparing competitive rates for making pricing decisions. For harnessing and optimizing new and existing revenue streams, hotel revenue managers need a comprehensive view into how the traveler perceives their brand and how their rates compare with those of their competitors. Creating a robust pri...
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Why a Rate Intelligence Experience Should Have the Best Art & Science Behind it
February 5, 2020
Hospitality industry gives the utmost importance to their guest experience. However, the industry has often ignored the simplification of rate intelligence, which drives its revenue management and thereby it’s top line. In my recent interactions with revenue managers, I noticed that they have to often go through a tedious grind to analyze and process the best rates, in order to stay ahead of their aggressive competitors. They have to look at competition, OTAs, ra...
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Our Point of View on the Modern Age Distribution Ecosystem
January 31, 2020
This is in continuation to my last article which talked about various challenges hoteliers face with respect to distribution technology & why we believe significant changes are required in this space to make it frictionless & rewarding. Since publishing this article, we at RateGain have spent several months deep diving into the pain points of hundreds of distribution leaders across various Hotels and demand partners to understand their business challenges an...
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Are You Leading A Future-Ready HR?
January 29, 2020
A lot of employers feel confident about the growth of their business and high employee morale, but they often face two significant challenges; finding the right people and motivating them. These two challenges always keep HR departments across different industries busy. The HR department is slowly becoming less about administrative tasks and more about adding strategic value to the organisation. In a matter of years from now, technology is destined to disrupt the...
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5 Ways to Ace Hospitality Marketing in 2020
January 20, 2020
The hospitality marketing industry is a curious mix of practices that have proven effective for decades now, and emerging trends that are taking the world by storm. And then you have a highly diverse market demographic, with wildly varying needs across segments. The millennial tourist eager to explore international destinations has little to do with high net worth individuals traveling primarily for work. Inevitably, this makes the job of hospitality marketers extre...
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Why UX is Instrumental for Revenue Management
January 14, 2020
Data analytics in the hospitality sector has always held incredible promise. With rapid advancements in business intelligence and UI design, I was eager to take the latest innovations to the world’s leading (and most disruptive) hospitality brands. This would help them deliver exceptional experiences to travelers across the globe, in turn translating into a measurable uptick in revenues. It’s only been about three months that I have been part of the RateGain team...
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Visualizing Data Like a Pro: The Key to Unlock the Data Gold Mine
December 17, 2019
With digitization underway at organizations of all sizes across industries, data is establishing itself as the most critical factor for ensuring success. Companies use data to make informed decisions about product design, marketing and hotel distribution strategy, customer experience, manufacturing operations, and more. Accelerating the process of converting data to insights to decisions is critical to achieving a competitive edge and consistent business growth. But...
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