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Re-Taking The Skies : What Can Commercial Teams Do To Gear Up For A Full Return Of Airline Travel In The New Normal
June 30, 2020
COVID-19 disrupted all economies and had momentarily seized cash-registers from ringing with airlines expected to lose $84.3 billion in 2020 for a net profit margin of -20.1% (IATA). Airlines all across the world witnessed a nose-dive due to the pandemic-induced-lockdowns. Realizing the prolonged impact the contagion is bound to inflict until an antidote is developed, many countries are trying to restore normalcy with the virus in the backdrop. And, as WHO rightly p...
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React to Competitive Prices in Real Time with RateGain’s OPTIMA MarketDrone
June 15, 2020
MarketDRONE, the World’s only real-time cognitive rate intelligence solution, tracks the intra-day rate and rate plan changes by competitors in real-time and surfaces them to the revenue manager on the go on a device of their choice be it their smartwatch or a mobile. Moreover, we at RateGain (a leading travel and hotel revenue management company) are delighted to share that HSMAI Europe has awarded our OPTIMA MarketDRONE product with the Best Technology Innovation ...
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Watch Your Language! Content in the New Hospitality Landscape
June 2, 2020
There was a time when “travel accommodation” and “hotel” were virtually interchangeable. Sure, there were vacation properties, but at a smaller scale and not readily available on the major travel booking platforms. With the rise of Airbnb and other alternative accommodation platforms, this is no longer true. There is now a myriad of options available to travelers wishing to explore the world. A more appropriate term for what these new platforms offer is “alternat...
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Keeping Lights on During the Current COVID Crisis!
May 5, 2020
Resilience is the watchword during a sharp downturn. Companies that skillfully navigate these choppy waters will have one feature in common: they will have prepared today to build resilience tomorrow, no matter which way the economic winds blow. And sometimes, those winds blow more fiercely than others. During the Great Recession in 2008, hotels worldwide suffered double-digit drops in occupancy, RevPAR, and profit. In many cases, the drop happened in mere months...
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Hoteliers, Spot New Markets to Create New Revenues in a Post-COVID 19 World
April 23, 2020
The last few months have brought an unprecedented spate of challenges for the hotels and hospitality sector. As the COVID-19 outbreak impacted 100+ countries around the world, all non-essential travel came to a halt. Exclusive research by RateGain revealed valuable insights into how COVID-19 influenced demand, supply, and distribution. Room revenue trend is poised to witness a steep decline, reducing by 16% month-on-month starting January-February 2020. Across th...
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Social Media During COVID-19: Tourism Brands That Got It Right
April 21, 2020
During a crisis, communication becomes the key for businesses and individuals to survive. The impact of COVID-19 has been unprecedented, and many businesses don’t know how to keep in touch with customers. Many companies have even gone silent on social media. At the same time, there are some tourism brands are not only leveraging social media to navigate through this pandemic, but also winning hearts. Why Social Media During COVID-19? Consumer Behavior is Chan...
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We Are Bracing Ourselves: Are You?
March 20, 2020
The sudden outbreak of the novel COVID-19, which has been recently declared as a ‘pandemic’ by the WHO, has compelled many organizations to question and rethink on their readiness and agility to combat such global crisis. During this tough time, the most important aspects for companies to address are the well-being of their employees while maintaining business continuity. The current crisis has inadvertently started off a marathon exercise in concepts like ‘Work ...
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How to Capture Rate Integrity Issues in the Most Simplified Way
March 11, 2020
Rate disparity does not only dent your profits but also harms your hotel brand’s reputation. Maintaining rate parity across all distribution channels is, therefore, critical to your hotel chain. The complex task of achieving rate parity is all about maintaining ‘rate integrity’ by avoiding the temptation of offering dramatic discounts and, at the same time, having no justification for other guests who bought the same room for a much higher price. In the last s...
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Top 3 Rate Disparity Cases Acceptable to a Revenue Manager
March 4, 2020
Hotel revenue managers today face myriad of challenges while devising a holistic pricing strategy, driving top-line growth, and plugging revenue leakage. Maximizing revenue has become increasingly difficult due to the proliferation of multiple distribution channels including brand sites, Online Travel Agents (OTAs), and new-age channels such as mobile apps. Revenue managers need to constantly track prices across channels to ensure they are ahead of the competition, ...
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