Hotel Revenue Management Plan

Revenue Management & Marketing Automation can Help Independent Hotels Stay Ahead

Being an independent hotelier offers invaluable opportunities to stay ahead in the market. Since many guests seek an authentic experience, independent hotels can carve out their niche in that segment as well. Couple it with an automated marketing operation and an effective revenue management strategy, and the benefits will delight you!

Planning events and holidays

Hoteliers, Keep a Track of Events and Holidays To Increase your Revenue Many Folds

For hoteliers, pricing can be a dizzying task, especially how the cost of the same room at the same time can vary dramatically from one date to the next. Especially for the dates that have some important events scheduled. Events and holidays are a high business period for hotels. However, there is definitely a technique to the seeming craziness.

Parity Performance November 2016. Where does your city stand? – APAC

The degree of rate parity observed for hotels in APAC between brand websites and the OTAs clearly depict a stark variation by location, in the November 2016 report. The table below shows a snapshot. Cities Showing Highest Parity Compliance in APAC Cities Showing Highest Parity Violation in APAC Shanghai                3 star   91% Bali &…

Is Your Hotel United by Goals but Divided by Systems?

Image Credit: Mind Scale Almost all businesses have undergone a technology-driven revolution, and the hospitality industry is no different. Technology vendors have brainstormed adequate to offer a number of tools that have already transformed the way business is done in travel and hospitality industry, or the way that it will be done in the near…

The Brilliant Hotelier: Face 2 Face with Stavros Drakou, Director at Cyprotels Hotels and Resorts, Cyprus

Image Credit: Cyprotels Welcome to Cyprotels Hotels & Resorts, the most serene hideout on the coast of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. Imaginative architecture and homely setups here, have been highly praised by tourists on popular metasearch sites like TripAdvisor. Besides, the sea-facing rooms are tranquil and allow you to rewind, while watching the waves…

Parity Performance October 2016. Where does your city stand? – USA and Canada

The degree of rate parity observed for hotels in USA and Canada between their brand websites and the OTAs show variation by location in the October 2016 report. Houston maintained maximum parity with a score of 100% in the 5-star hotel category. Montreal is the city in the 5-star hotel category, with the highest number…