A leading hotel content platform vs Content AI

Choosing the right Hotel Content Management and Distribution Platform is foundational to improving your content strength across demand partners and driving more conversions and revenue. This page will help you compare A leading hotel content platform and Content AI, so you can choose Hotel Content Management and Distribution Platform that’s right for you.
FeaturesPain PointsA leading hotel content platformContent AIBenefits of Content AI
Descriptive Content Augmentation Rich content improves conversions but is often left out due to various reasons like effort required, not knowing what is being missed out on, what is important and need to be highlightedNOYESIt provides scoring to suggest important attributes that are missing and improves the content further.
Image Content AugmentationHotels need to sort, tag, mark images as cover and improve the image quality as per every demand partner's specific requirements.NOYESIt offers features that help in image enhancements, automatic tagging and appropriate categorization of images.
Descriptive Content ManagementMost hoteliers use a variety of cumbersome tools like excel sheets, emails etc. and struggle with not having an all-in-one platform for managing content.LimitedYESIt captures and distributes all important information related to amenities, attributes, policies etc. for a better representation of properties.
Image Content ManagementHotels struggle with the lack of a single platform, where all images can be uploaded and managed, categorized into room and property level.LimitedYESIt's able to store, enhance, associate & distribute images across all connected partners.
Content AuditIt's imperative that the content is constantly being checked for any missing details, improvement areas, etc. This is helpful in ensuring that the distribution partners are getting the best information on the hotel to be displayed on their website.LimitedLimitedIt has a scoring mechanism that helps the user get a directional view and understand the gaps in their content. It also suggests the important attributes, which may have been missed out while updating attributes, amenities, etc.
Distribution CapabilityCapturing all the information is not helpful till the time the same level of information is shared with the demand partners.LimitedHighIt's able to distribute complete, correct, and consistent content (descriptive and images) to all connected partners.


While A leading hotel content platform has been around longer, Content AI has an edge over the former in helping hotels maintain content parity across all channels for better visibility, gain more direct bookings, and maximize revenues. So if you’re here because you’re evaluating Content AI vs. A leading hotel content platform, or searching for a leading hotel content platform alternatives, then you’re already moving in the right direction by considering Content AI that will help you drive conversions and maximize your hotel revenue.

So What’s the Difference Between Content AI and a leading hotel content platform?

The differences start to emerge when you look at the capabilities of the two solutions, and how that solid foundation and superior content capabilities of Content AI enables ease-of-use and adoption. On the other hand, a leading hotel content platform looks like a full-fledged content distribution service and just a piecemeal limited effort.
What is Content AI?
Hospitality’s First AI-powered Content Platform to Improve Conversions and Maximize Revenue. It fixes your broken content management and distribution playbook, increases your hotel’s discoverability in filtered searches; improves bookings resulting in more revenue.
What is A leading hotel content platform?
A provider of content and mapping services for hotels and online travel agencies. It’s also a long-standing Database Solutions provider for tourism companies.
Content AI The AI-powered platform can help you significantly optimize any descriptive content on all your preferred demand partners ((OTAs, GDSs, BEs).

A leading hotel content platform
The platform lacks this capability. So if you need to improve your hotel’s content (amenities and other descriptive content) on demand partners, it’s not the right Content Platform for you.
Content AI Did you know – A single hotel photo increases the likelihood of conversion by 225%? This easy-to-use, AI-enabled content platform helps you with one-click categorization and enhancement of images that can being your property to life, show the travellers the experience they’re likely to get at your hotel and engage them effectively.

A leading hotel content platform Images outrank most content pieces when it comes to wowing price-sensitive travellers. But you might be set up for a huge disappointment as A leading hotel content platform completely lacks this capability.
Content AI This platform can help you measure the quality of descriptive content with a score at a property level and identify higher priority areas for content improvement. Our internal data store of content across supply partners (currently available on Expedia and Booking.com) will be available. The ability to augment the content provided by the supplier from this internal repository will also be provided.

A leading hotel content platform This platform requires an offline flat file and dynamic content updates are limited to only specific fields like custom health and safety fields.
Content AI With Content AI, you get the ability to upload, view and associate meta information with images for distribution to demand. It also helps you measure the quality of your images and score those at a property level. The biggest differentiator here is that the platform enables automatic multiple, system tagging and categorization of images

A leading hotel content platform It allows only manual tagging of images, and the user can only add one tag per image.
Content AI
It leverages existing DHISCO content connectivity to distribute content to all the GDS partners in one click. Our APIs facilitate demand partners (OTAs, Tour Operators, Booking Engines etc.) to obtain content from the new platform, and power direct connectivity to the top OTA partners such as Booking.com.

A leading hotel content platform
It neither does keep up with new attributes added across demand channels nor distribute both descriptive and image content.

When It Comes to a leading hotel content platform Alternatives, Content AI is #1.

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Content AI

We have been able to increase our clicks by 100% compared to the previous year – and we are especially pleased about the increasing direct bookings on our homepage.

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