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Frequently Asked Questions on
RateGain’s Hotel Channel Manager – RezGain

We have compiled queries that we hear a lot around our Channel Manager offering for hotels.
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Frequently Asked Questions

RezGain is a platform to help hotels manage their distribution. It connects to over 350 online travel agents, wholesalers and booking engines and provides a host of advanced functions to enable hotels to sell more rooms online.

RezGain sends updates to online channels to ensure that they have accurate and up-to-date information about the rooms and rates available at the hotel. When a reservation is made, RezGain receives the details from the channel and sends them on to the hotel.

A channel is a website or system that the hotel uses to distribute its rooms. Most often, a channel is an online travel agent. Alternatively, a channel may be a wholesaler or bed-bank or the hotel’s internet booking engine. Certain channels are intermediaries, in other words they provide a link to connect with downstream distribution providers, e.g. GDS.

The main advantages of using a channel manager are: - increase efficiency by controlling your online distribution from one place instead of having to visit multiple extranets - make your distribution strategy more effective by using automation to share room inventory across multiple channels and adjust your rates in response to demand - map trends and identify demand patterns by tracking the productivity of each channel using RezGain’s flexible dashboard - reduce time and effort spent in managing distribution by connecting the channel manager to your PMS

The channel manager controls the rates and room inventory that are available for sale on OTA sites and in other channels such as the hotel’s website booking engine. The channel manager simplifies the process of updating multiple OTAs and makes it easier for the hotel to share room allocations across several channels. Another important function of a channel manager is to process the reservations received from each channel and then deliver the details to the hotel. In many cases, the channel manager will be connected to other hotel systems, for example the PMS, to create an efficient, integrated platform to manage all distribution activity.

RezGain offers several options for integration. The most common type of integration is to connect RezGain to the property management system (PMS) to deliver reservations from OTAs and other channels directly into the PMS. A more advanced type of integration is also available in which the PMS can send rate updates, inventory count changes and stay restrictions to RezGain to be forwarded to the channels. RezGain is also able to connect with the hotel’s revenue management system (RMS) to receive rate updates.

A 2-way interface includes reservation delivery from RezGain to the PMS and availability, rate and inventory updates from the PMS to RezGain. A 2-way interface may be unnecessary for many hotels and the optimum solution is usually to connect RezGain to the PMS for reservation delivery only.

RezGain pricing is based on the size of the hotel. A range of pricing models are available, starting at $125 per month for a 50-room property.

The set-up process for a new RezGain subscription is straightforward. Information about the hotel and the channels to be connected is collected using a simple online form. Once the subscription is ready, RateGain’s expert implementation team will guide the hotel users through the set-up steps and ensure everything is running smoothly.

RezGain connects to a network of more than 350 distribution channels. Most hotels will have between 10 and 15 hotels in their RezGain subscription. New channels can be added at any time.

RezGain connects to all the major OTAs including Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia, CTrip, HRS, LateRooms and Orbitz.

RezGain is integrated with many popular PMS platforms including Opera, Protel and more than 20 other systems. The full list of connected PMSs is available from your RateGain contact.

New channel connections are regularly added to RezGain. If a new channel connection is required, the request can be made online via the RezGain user screens. New channel requests are directed to the RateGain integrations team who will contact the channel to work on establishing the connection.

RezGain has a promotions management feature to make it easy to schedule promotions on Expedia and Orbitz or through Twitter. RezGain also has a facility to help hotels identify new channels to connect with based on their productivity outbound from each source market or inbound to the hotel’s location or region.

RezGain screens are designed to be responsive to the user’s device, making the system fully compatible with smartphones and tablets. RezGain’s alerts function ensures that the user is fully informed of the status of key activities such as channel updates and incoming reservations.

Online support is available 24x7 using the chat facility in RezGain. RateGain also offers regular webinar training sessions on all aspects of RezGain – ask your RateGain contact for more details.

Trial accounts for RezGain are available. Prospective customers will usually choose one channel to connect for the trial.

Channels can be added or removed from a subscription at any time. The most popular channels can be connected easily using RezGain’s automated “add channel” function.

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