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Frequently Asked Questions on
RateGain’s Online Reputation Manager – Brandgain

We have compiled queries that we hear a lot around our Online Reputation Manager offering for hotels.
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Frequently Asked Questions

BrandGain is the online brand reputation management tool that allows hoteliers to evaluate reviews in a better way. It analyzes the sentiment present in the reviews to calculate the guest experience score and other important metrics across the performance areas.

BrandGain helps the hotel to analyze the reviews through 7 social and 121+ sites spread across review, OTA, meta-search and social websites. It provides insights in the form of graphs, charts and widgets. Hotel will be able to get a 360 degree view to customer pulse in order to cater to the key customer satisfaction issues.

Some of the key challenges faced by hoteliers in reputation management are:

  • Optimizing the hotel’s online presence
  • Inability to respond timely and appropriately to positive, negative and neutral reviews
  • Leaving the reviews unattended

Having a robust online reputation management process in place helps in building trust and credibility in the market. Various studies also show that it can further help in increasing the sales.
Some key advantages are:

  • It helps you resolve customer complaints quickly
  • It can help show that your business cares about customer service
  • It helps you to earn your customer’s trust
  • It helps you increase your transparency
  • It creates more positive word-of-mouth about your brand
  • It helps you identify your company’s opportunities
  • It lets you grow your presence on the digital channels your customers frequent
  • It encourages online endorsements

In order for a hotel to make a mark in the market and improve its reputation, it should follow the below mentioned practices:

  • Actively Seek Online Reviews
  • Contact Guests in Multiple Languages
  • Respond to Negative Reviews Politely
  • Analyze the Online Reviews
  • Get your hotel noticed by adding high-quality photos
  • Track and respond to online reviews, social media comments, and guest feedback

Some important touch points for hotel guests are Front Office, Ease of Check-in, Concierge/Bell desk service, Room service, Housekeeping, Restaurant, Amenities & Facilities, and Ease of Check-Out

BrandGain supports the following social channels – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, Google+ and Flickr.

No, it does not.

BrandGain uses industry standard Natural Language Processing algorithms to parse reviews i.e. it provides the user a way to unlock the meaning from a plethora of unstructured text (positive or negative). It further lets you uncover patterns and themes, so you know what customers are thinking about you.

BrandGain allows the hotel to post promotions, photos and posts on different social sites. On the other hand, you can also see what your competition is doing too.

By creating customer-targeted surveys, hoteliers can gauge the pulse of the respondents and further prompt them in leaving a review/feedback about their properties. BrandGain provides built-in survey functionalities making it easier for hoteliers to create and send out surveys.

The Guest experience heat map is a widget that appears on the BrandGain dashboard. It depicts the journey of a user across the various touch points during his/her stay in the hotel. The important metrics that it measures are – Front Office, Ease of Check-in, Concierge/Bell desk service, Room service, Housekeeping, Restaurant, Amenities & Facilities, and Ease of Check-Out.

BrandGain provides a separate “F&B module” for hoteliers to manage their restaurant reputation.

While other tools provide hotelier the customer review analysis, BrandGain will help you identify the guest experience and analysis for each department.

The set-up process for a new BrandGain subscription is straightforward. Information about the hotel and the channels to be connected is procured using a simple online form. Once the subscription is ready, RateGain’s expert implementation team will guide the hotel users through the set-up steps and ensure everything is running smoothly. BrandGain pricing varies according to the size of hotel and a range of pricing models are available to choose from.

A BrandGain subscription provides the user with 18 channels and 7 Social networks.

BrandGain provides 15 months of historical review access when the user signs up on the platform.

BrandGain screens are designed to be responsive to the user’s device, making the system fully compatible with smartphones and tablets.


By providing feature such as “Surveys” and “NPS feedback” and their statistics, BrandGain helps the hotel managers in identifying customer loyalty, engagement behavior and customer satisfaction levels. The NPS scores help in classifying the customers among – Detractors, Passives and Promoters. Your Net Promoter Score is calculated by subtracting your “Detractors” percentage from your “Promoters” percentage.

BrandGain currently supports eight major languages – English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. The user can easily filter language from within the tool to manage different set of reviews.

For large hotel chains, BrandGain provides a separate “Enterprise view” section that allows a holistic view of reviews and comments for all properties of that particular enterprise/chain. It also facilitates the user to make comparisons amongst their hotels as well as in building reports for multiple properties.

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