Reinvent Your Hotel Pricing Strategy

Artificial Intelligence in the Hospitality Industry has wholly transformed internal operations, making them smooth and enhanced in every sphere. Revenue managers have always spent considerable time sourcing data and identifying critical insights that impact their market position every day. However, with increasing demand channels, last-minute travel plans, and ongoing volatility, most revenue managers are pressed on time to get these insights faster, making them rely on inaccurate and incomplete analysis to make decisions.

Key Features

MarketDRONE Narratives*New Feature
Understand the story of your market in 5 minutes
OPTIMA MarketDRONE*New Feature
Track intra-day rate and rate plan changes by hotels in real-time on a device of your choice
Machine Learning (ML) driven data quality framework
Lightning Refresh
Get 100% real-time data
Multilingual User Interface*New Feature
OPTIMA UI is available in English, French, Japanese, German, Portuguese and Spanish, with local language support
Market Compression
It highlights dates that can yield better
Geo-Rate Shopping
Shop rates exactly how they are set in your source markets
Pricing Playground
A single view to tally your market position v/s competition across all the properties
Iterative LOS
Identify minimum LOS Restrictions
from competition across all channels
Advanced Rate Tagging Engine
Track competition promotions and inclusions with a rule based engine
Mobile & Member Rates Tracking
Track mobile only promotional rates defined by your competitors
Airbnb Insights
Tap the information on Airbnb supply across your markets for effective rate decision making

MarketDRONE Narratives

MarketDRONE Narratives introduces a layer of intelligence, giving daily insights at the start of their day to know exactly what to alter in their strategy to ensure they don’t lose market share to their competition. Revenue and pricing managers will now save critical time that was earlier spent in collating and analyzing data, allowing them to take the lead in attracting more guests, increasing revenue
hotel rate shopping software
hotel room rate pricing strategy


Delays in getting the intra-day rate changes intelligence by competition, and not acting on the intelligence in real-time makes hoteliers lose up to 10% of annual revenue. On average, a hotel in a dynamic market changes rates several times daily. The frequency of these changes increases as we get closer to the check-in date. The traditional, scheduled rate-shopping tools do not help revenue managers resolve this problem. OPTIMA MarketDRONE, one of the best hotel business intelligence tools, powered by our robust distribution technology, gets real-time insights on rate changes by hotels and pushes competitive rate intelligence notifications to revenue managers in real-time on a device of their choice.
Won Technology Innovation of the Year 2020 Award by HSMAI Europe

Choose a Device of Your Choice for Feeds

Revenue managers can get the feeds on a device of their choice—watch, phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop
Automatically Integrate Feeds with Your RMS
Revenue managers can also enjoy automated integration with their Revenue Management Systems
Personalize Your Feed Settings
Revenue managers can select the notification period, adjust the frequency, and number of notifications
Efficiently Respond to Intra-Day Market Changes
Revenue managers can select the notification period, adjust the frequency, and number of notifications
Save 10% RevPAR Per Annum Per Property
By responding to the intra-day rate changes by competition in real time, a revenue manager can save up to 10% RevPAR / year / property

dataSURE: Machine Learning Driven Data Quality Framework

An industry first initiative to provide data that is complete and provides the full context of the intelligence to stay ahead.

Moving towards 100% Data Sufficiency

The Iterative Framework is driven by machine learning to identify and fix all data sufficiency issues to re-calibrate quality standards in the hospitality industry.

Self-Learning to control Faster Delivery

The Adaptive Framework continuously analyzes quality standards for your organisation to get your data faster.

Configurable to give you Full Control

Alerts allow you to stay on top of your scheduled reports and customize delivery.

Lightning Refresh To Impact
Real-Time Decisions

Achieve accuracy and productivity by allowing hotels to refresh and receive real-time competitor rates at the click of a button. The availability of the most updated rates, updated in the calendar in less than 60 seconds, serves as a key input for hoteliers while developing the best available rate pricing strategy.
rate shopping software
Market Compression Indicator - rate shopping software

Market Compression Indicator
To Improve Yield

View multiple properties in a single dashboard through a highly intuitive interface which enables eyeballing rates across check in dates easier than ever before. Equipped with a Market Positioning widget gives you a graphical view of your price positioning vis-à-vis your competitors.
A Market Compression indicator highlights dates that can yield better due to supply in the market going down and much more made available in an excel format as well for a consolidated view across properties.

Geo-Based Shopping To Gain
From Every Market

The business intelligence for hotel industry is not customized to international markets leads to revenue loss, making it essential to get data exactly how it reflects in the source markets. Geo-based rate shopping software like Optima keeps you out of exchange rate calculations and prices you in the right market at the right price.
Geo-Based rate shopping software
Smart rate shopping software

Smart Shopping Capabilities To Identify Restrictions

  • Iterative length of stay (LOS):
    Spot minimum LOS restrictions applied by any of your competitors across channels
  • Mobile rates tracking:
    Track mobile only promotional rates defined by your competitors
  • Member rates tracking:
    Track closed user group promotional rates and engage with potential customers
  • Advanced Rate Tagging Engine:
    Advanced rule based tracking of specific promotions, inclusions or freebies your competition might be bundling with the room


Optima MarketDRONE Insights
Sandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, RateGain, speaks about MarketDRONE.
WTM London 2019
Apurva Chamaria, Chief Revenue Officer, RateGain, speaks about MarketDRONE.
Optima MarketDRONE
Jagdish Sandhu, Founder and CEO, Frozen Lime Asia, speaks about Optima.
Experience OPTIMA’s New and Refreshing User Interface
We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our new User Experience (UX) for OPTIMA, our rate intelligence platform for hotel revenue managers.
Optima Pricing Playground
360 degree insights of competitor pricing in one view.
Track intra-day rate and rate plan changes by hotels in real-time on a device of your choice.

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