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MarketDRONE, the first of its kind, cloud-based product by RateGain, tracks the intra-day rate and rate plan changes by competitors in real-time and surfaces them to you on the go on a device of your choice. With MarketDRONE, you can be assured of staying on top of the competitive landscape while you focus on what matters the most,
i.e. improving business and boosting profits.
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Stay ahead of your market with
MarketDRONE Narratives

OPTIMA, hospitality’s real-time rate intelligence platform is now helping hoteliers solve a critical problem, how do you take faster decisions and stay ahead of your competition. Now combine the power of accurate real-time data with faster insights to never get your strategy wrong.







Key Features

Narratives*New Feature
Understand the story of your market in 5 minutes
OPTIMA MarketDRONE*New Feature
Track intra-day rate and rate plan changes by hotels in real-time on a device of your choice
Machine Learning (ML) driven data quality framework
Mobile & Member Rates Tracking
Track mobile only promotional rates defined by your competitors
Airbnb Insights
Tap the information on Airbnb supply across your markets for effective rate decision making
Lightning Refresh
Get 100% real-time data
Pricing Playground
A single view to tally your market position v/s competition across all the properties
Iterative LOS
Identify minimum LOS Restrictions
from competition across all channels
Advanced Rate Tagging Engine
Track competition promotions and inclusions with a rule based engine

Some Hotel Chains That Rely on Us

We have been able to increase our clicks by 100% compared to the previous year – and we are especially pleased about the increasing direct bookings on our homepage.

Tobias Baumann
Director Sales & Marketing
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