DALLAS (Sept. 12, 2016) – Ollabout.com, a new hotel booking site that pays consumers to be their own travel agents, is partnering with DHISCO Inc., the world’s leading hospitality distribution company, to offer the most up-to-date rates and inventory at hotels around the globe, the companies announced today.

Based in Osage Beach, Missouri, Ollabout.com is a membership-based travel agency that splits the commissions paid by hotels with consumers.

As an accredited member of the International Association of Travel Agents Network, Ollabout.com’s commission and booking structures are based on the standard 10 percent model paid to traditional agencies, rather than the higher markups hotels often pay to list their properties with online travel agencies.

Because of that, members who book through Ollabout still receive all of the hotel loyalty program benefits they now get with bookings made directly with hotels, hotel brand websites and traditional travel agents as well as a 5 percent commission rebate on the cost of their rooms.

“Since the majority of travelers today act as their own travel agents by booking through apps and websites, Ollabout.com was designed to pay our members for their work,” said Michael Koretoff, Ollabout.com director of business development. “Through our new connection with the DHISCO Switch, we offer the most competitive, up-to-date information on rates and inventory for the company’s more than 110,000 hotel partners around the globe while also connecting those hotels directly to our members without additional markups and fees.”

DHISCO CEO Toni Portmann said the partnership builds on the company’s efforts to connect inventive new travel platforms to its vast inventory of hotel suppliers.

“Our main goal at DHISCO is to make hotel distribution as cost-effective as possible, for all of our partners,” Portmann said. “Ollabout.com offers our hotel partners an exciting new way to connect with the travel-booking public around the globe.”

About DHISCO Inc.

DHISCO Inc. is the world’s original and leading hospitality distribution company, providing the most reliable and advanced technology to connect hotels around the world with online travel agencies, global distribution systems, metasearch engines and other travel partners. Since 1989, DHISCO has built its reputation on providing the most efficient and affordable means to market, capture and book hotel reservations. Today, it moves more than 10 billion transactions a month for more than 110,000 hotels.

About Ollabout.com

Ollabout.com. is a membership-based travel agency developed to reward members for the work they do as their own travel agents by rebating to them half of the industry-standard 10 percent commission it collects on hotel bookings.  By operating as an IATAN accredited agency rather than an OTA, it also reduces the costs to hotels by eliminating GDS pass-through fees and manual inventory management.