Just as the hotel industry opines on recent moves toward consolidation in the OTA world, we are proud to welcome a new player that is promising to shake things up.

This week, DHISCO announced a partnership with Nustay.com, a company that is part OTA and part marketing channel and offers personally tailored hotel discounts based on registered member profiles.

It’s a new generation of hotel reservation systems, one that is using innovative technology to help travelers find the best deals at the hotels that best fit their wants and needs. It also helps hotels seek out the guests who are most likely to spend extra on their amenities and services and offer positive reviews.

The concept builds on two topics that are top of mind in the hotel industry right now: big data and personalization. Our partnership with Nustay to develop a new hotel marketing and reservation system that draws on both is a perfect fit for DHISCO.

As the world’s newest—yet oldest—hotel distribution supplier, we are committed to innovation as we work with both our established clients and start-ups to support new ideas and advanced technologies in the fast-evolving OTA landscape.