A constant challenge in the world of hotel distribution is finding the easiest, most reliable ways to help the myriad of old and new computer systems communicate effectively.

The hunt for new solutions is what drives us here at DHISCO.

Today, I am pleased to announce a partnership with Bug Software, the first of what we expect to be a growing list of new ventures with third-party integrators who are developing platforms to speed up search and booking capabilities while reducing the need for multiple connections between hotels, online travel agencies and other travel portals and tour operators.

By connecting to DHISCO, Bug Software offers travel portals the ability to connect seamlessly through our switch to our more than 100,000 hotel partners around the world, eliminating the need for costly, often hard-to-maintain direct connections between hotels and their demand partners.

It’s an exciting partnership that offers both DHISCO and Bug Software new growth opportunities.

While we can help Bug Software’s customers tap into a broader marketplace with easy connections to DHISCO’s switch, we can also help Bug Software grow by referring online travel agencies and business-to-business clients looking for simpler ways to connect with hotels around the world.

As I mentioned, this is the first of a growing list of partnerships with third-party integrators. And it follows our recent announcement that DHISCO was selected by Above Property, a cloud-based hotel travel platform that enables legacy hotel systems to communicate in real-time with distribution partners around the world, to expand its connectivity.

We welcome these new partnerships and look forward to forging more relationships with this new breed of companies as we continue our quest to provide intelligent distribution systems that connect the world.

– CEO Toni Portmann