Partnership will enhance suite of Revenue Management solutions to Hotel Clients

Frozen Lime Asia, a pioneering consultant specialising in Revenue Management, Distribution, Sales and Marketing for hospitality and tourism sectors announced its strategic alliance with RateGain, a global leading provider of cloud-based hospitality and travel technology solutions.

Sharing this news, Ms Jagdish Sandhu, CEO & Co-founder of Frozen Lime Asia said, “Frozen Lime Asia is pleased to partner with RateGain as they have a suite of solutions which can help us with our Revenue Management services to clients. In this very dynamic environment that hospitality players work in now, with almost everything readily available in the digital space for travellers and hotel guests, Revenue Management specialists need solutions that provide needful data, a robust dashboard, pricing notifications, rate tracking, and more. All these combine to help make sound business decisions on-the-go, to act faster to market forces and stay on top of the game.”

Commenting on the partnership, Sushmit Mazumdar, Manager – Sales said, “We are very pleased to be associated with Frozen Lime Asia. Our partnership is the right step forward as it will help us extend our advanced data analytics and pricing intelligence technology to a wider network of hoteliers, helping them make informed decisions and attain greater profitability. We also hope to enable hospitality companies to manage all aspects of their revenue management needs seamlessly via an integrated portfolio of solutions. Together we aim to provide more value to our customers and hope the synergies lead to positive results.”


About Frozen Lime Asia

Frozen Lime Asia operates out of Singapore and offers a unique blend of optimisation best practices, sales representation and marketing services to increase our clients’ market share. We provide value through shared costs and headcount, objective recommendations, and work on go-to-market strategies that best suit client needs, markets and budgets, all whilst integrating the right ingredients for the best results.

We bring resource, expertise and people-talent that span many years and multiple geographies – Asia, Pacific and beyond. With our combined experience in keen analytics, sales and forecast, marketing and communications, we take on a dynamic approach for clients who seek our expertise.

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About RateGain

Founded in 2004, RateGain is a leading provider of cloud-based innovative solutions for the Travel and Hospitality industry. RateGain provides the latest technology in the field of Revenue, Reputation and Online distribution. With continued innovation and excellence in customer focus, the company serves over 12,000 clients and numerous industry partners globally.

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