DALLAS (Oct. 14, 2015) – Jetaport,a booking technology and marketplace that provides discounted group hotel reservations, is partnering with DHISCO Inc., the world’s leading hospitality distribution company, to expand its offerings.

Jetaport said the collaboration gives its customers access to the broadest selection of reliable bookings at the best possible rates.

“We are evolving our product to provide the best seamless group hotel booking experience by launching additional supply connectivity through DHISCO,” said Jason D. Shames, Jetaport co-founder and CEO. “DHISCO’s broad hotel base provides access to the properties our clients are most interested in booking.”

DHISCO CEO Toni Portmann said a key focus of her company is to provide support for companies like Jetaport, which are developing the next generation of hotel booking technologies.

“Jetaport has developed a site that makes it easier for small groups, including wedding parties and others organizing non-corporate events, to find the best rates and manage their reservations,” she said. “Our goal at DHISCO is to connect them with the world.”

About DHISCO Inc.

Since 1989, DHISCO Inc. has been providing innovative distribution technology to enable hotel bookings around the globe. As the single largest processor of electronic hotel transactions, the company delivers advanced connectivity and distribution solutions to over 100,000 hotels and 300-plus hotel chains in over 200 countries. DHISCO has built its reputation on providing efficient and affordable means to market, capture and book hotel reservations, moving over 9 billion transactions a month.