Sonel Hotels, one of the respected family hotel chains in Portugal, has selected RateGain for its channel management solution, RezGain.

The hotel brand has signed up the deal for its three properties in Portugal by integrating RateGain’s channel manager to their hotel management system. The hotel wanted to collaborate with RateGain for its easy unification with a wide range of systems such as Central Reservation Systems, Revenue Management Systems or Property Management Systems.

RateGain’s channel manager, RezGain, can be used either as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with other systems. When integrated with a CRS, RezGain provides a two-way connectivity to multiple channels and extends the distribution options available to the users of CRS. With RMS integration, RezGain receives recommended minimum rate values from the RMS and these are used as the base for updates of ARI to distribution channels.

Rui de Sá Fernandes, Administração/ CEO of the Sonel Hotels said, “RateGain has provided us with a great channel management solution, RezGain and we’re glad to be growing with a strong technological partner. It has successfully been offering efficient yet cost effective solutions for our business models. Moreover, the integration of RezGain with our booking engine was so seamless that we didn’t even lose out on a single day’s data.”

“We’re glad that Sonel Hotels has selected us as their preferred channel manager. Our centralized channel management solution simplifies tedious tasks of individually updating a hotel’s room inventory, rates and restrictions across online channels, booking engines and distribution systems”, quoted Bhanu Chopra, Founder & CEO, RateGain.

About Sonel Hotels

Sonel Hotels is a Portugal’s family hotel group that prides itself on providing a personalised approach and high quality of service. The Portuguese chain is distinguished by a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere in a prime position. They have four 3 and 4 star tourist units in the country. For more information on Sonel Hotels, please visit: