Bali and New Delhi; VHP, or the Visual Hotel Program and RateGain recently announced a strategic partnership to roll out an integrated hotel management solution. The strategic alliance of VHP Property Management System with RateGain, will allow Indonesian hotels to leverage seamless connectivity with various global distribution channels.

The high-quality two-way integrated system will allow hotels of all sizes in the region to efficiently manage sales, distribution and guest interaction processes. VHP already integrates modules like front office, back office, club management, point of sales, banquet and conference management, accounting, fixed assets and online reservation systems into a unified interface. The single entry philosophy will now extend to all channel management and distribution systems due to the powerful integration with RateGain’s proficient channel manager – RezGain.

The official spokesperson of VHP, Janet Diademor cited that, “We are looking forward to cater to the needs of Indonesia’s hospitality market with an innovative solution architecture. Together with RateGain, we have established an integrated partnership to launch a powerful solution that encompasses the VHP PMS and RateGain’s hotel channel manager technologies. Our goal is to streamline booking volumes and deliver a solid and automated solution for maximized operational efficiency within departments.

Bhanu Chopra, the founder and CEO of RateGain cited that, “Our robust channel manager streamlines online room rate distribution by updating inventory, rates and restrictions in real-time across GDSs and popular booking engines. Integration with VHP will further create a powerful and highly secured integrated hospitality management system-cum-channel manager solution. Hotels can finally deploy an integrated VHP-RateGain web-based solution to easily manage front and back office modules as well as distribute prices and maintain rate parity anywhere, anytime. This digital concierge will surely redefine the contrivances of the modern hospitality industry.

About PT. Supranusa Sindata

Founded in 1990 in Indonesia, PT. Supranusa Sindata is a leading and rapidly growing property management system for the hospitality, retail and leisure industries in the Indonesian market. The highly secured PMS (under Windows) by Sindata, is called the Visual Hotel Program (or VHP). In the year 2011, the company pioneered by launching the foremost cloud-based property management system in Indonesia, called the e1-VHP.

Every single VHP client is provided with 24/7 support (through a dedicated customer care hotline number) and their needs are addressed by proficient technical support engineers. VHP by Sindata has earned long term customer satisfaction, thereby adding value to its product portfolio.

About RateGain

RateGain Travel Technologies is a leading solutions provider that caters to both hospitality and travel industries across the globe. The company was established in 2004 as an entrepreneurial venture by Bhanu Chopra, who is a technocrat himself. Being the CEO, Bhanu is responsible for instituting the vision that steers the organization’s solution offerings and delivery.

Ensuing a SaaS delivery model, RateGain currently specializes in unified revenue management, price optimization, rate intelligence, rate shopping, electronic distribution and brand reputation management solutions. The esteemed clientele comprises of over 12,000 hotel chains, prominent OTA brands and popular airline companies all over the world.