SINGAPORE – ZUMATA, a Singapore-based hotel distribution and technology company recently accepted into IBM’s Watson project to advance artificial intelligence for personalized travel search and booking, is partnering with DHISCO, the world’s largest hospitality distribution company, to help accelerate its global expansion, the companies announced today.

ZUMATA said the partnership will help the company bring its new technology and inventory of over 500,000 hotels to travel agents and online distributors in North America and other Western markets.

“We are delighted with the opportunity to partner with this global leader in hospitality distribution,” said ZUMATA CEO Josh Ziegler. “Our partnership will mean a significant increase in distribution for our customers and increased performance for all through our artificial intelligence, or AI, powered technology.“

DHISCO CEO Toni Portmann said the alliance will help it expand into the fast-growing Asian and Pacific markets, putting inventory from its more than 100,000 hotel markets before ZUMATA’s strong network of Asia and Pacific-based travel agents and distributors while giving current DHISCO customers access to ZUMATA’s network through a single connection.

The partnership also sets the stage for future collaboration in developing next-generation technologies for the travel industry.

“This partnership is an exciting win-win for DHISCO and ZUMATA,” Portmann said, “enabling both companies to scale quickly into new markets to offer the largest inventory of quality hotel rooms in every part of the world.”

“We are also, obviously, very excited about ZUMATA’s work with Watson on artificial intelligence and its potential for developing next-generation solutions for natural language capabilities, machine learning to drive better search results and predictive pricing.  ZUMATA has a stellar track record. We like the problems they’re tackling now and in the future.  We like the way they think.”

Zumata last week was one of 12 companies accepted into IBM’s Watson Centre Marina Bay, a new business incubator and research facility in Singapore.

Watson, perhaps best known for beating humans at Jeopardy, is an advanced a computer system based on machine learning and natural language processing

Using Watson, Zumata’s new platform lets travelers search using natural language that goes way beyond the standard date and destination query.

For example, a customer might type “I need a luxury hotel in Sydney with a view of the opera house, an indoor pool and free Wifi.” Results returned will display images of the hotel view, amenities, and sentiments about the hotel from other traveler’s online reviews. The system learns with each interaction and can become more customized to each user over time.


ZUMATA is the only AI-powered hotel distribution company in the world, delivering consolidated online hotel inventory of over 500,000 properties globally. Accurate mapping, cognitive computing and significant supplier overlap help b2b partners achieve lower cost prices, decreased reliance on a single supplier, and optimize customer conversions. Founded in 2010, ZUMATA is headquartered in Singapore.