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Unlock new revenue opportunities using AI powered custom solution for Rail Industry

Revenue Solutions For Rail Industry

The global rail industry constrained by long business cycles and short-term public pressure is estimated to value at $890 million by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 4.3% during 2019-2025. However, it continues to struggle to increase ridership, optimize capacity allocation, complying to state-imposed social,regional, and environmental policies , retain or increase market share against other modes of transport and new entrants, which are much faster, and often more economical like



Intercity Bus Carriers


Car Rentals


Cruises and Ferries

With time and money of the essence to the digital traveler in order to remain the preferred mode of transportation, offering prices that are competitive and deliver maximum value for travel are essential to increasing total ridership.
RateGain’s dedicated solution suite has been custom created keeping in mind the unique challenges and needs of the Rail industry. These solutions are aimed to help rail operators bridge the gap in leveraging technology to steer demand through optimizing pricing and streaming their operations all along with delivering on their socio-corporate objectives.

Monitor All Competition Always

Compare yourself against the competition like Airlines, Intercity Bus Service, Car Rentals and Cruises & Ferries to know your exact market position. Be informed always, anytime and anywhere about what options your customers are evaluating while booking and at what prices to ensure you stay ahead in the competition.
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Optimize Pricing Strategy Faster Than Before

Optimize your pricing strategy faster with a data-driven, analytics-based approach to decision making by comparing your prices with your competition providing services in the same routes as you. Continue to offer the best prices and value to your travelers using actionable insights delivered when you need them the most.

Make the Right Decisions with Accurate Intelligence

Enhance your forecasting by taking advantage of data powered intelligence powered by historical data, weather, events, news and social media reviews. Understand the impact your on demand using our proprietary machine learning algorithms allowing you to deliver your business strategy.
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