DHISCO connects the world

DHISCO - the Distribution Hospitality Intelligent Systems Company has a rich history, having built a steadfast organization with dedicated technology and operations teams.

In 1989 , the original company was formed by 17 hotel companies who understood the value of a single connection between hotels and the global distribution systems. The result was THISCO—The Hotel Industry Switch Company. The first connection through THISCO’s distribution platform was made with Sabre in 1989.

Today DHISCO connects 453 of the world’s largest hotel chains to 123 of the world’s leading OTAs and the industry’s leading GDS providers with over 500,000 hotel properties in their content database leveraging next generation architecture, and new connectivity and content distribution solutions.

By delivering over 18 billion transactions each month, DHISCO provides shopping, booking, and content distribution through a newly designed infrastructure, with world-class speed, reliability, and scalability.

A combined vision for you – The Customer!

  • The combined entity will not only bring together products and services that are complementary, but also continue to align the values of the two company cultures on what matters most: a world-class team and customer success.
  • DHISCO and RateGain together would become the preferred partner for any leader in the Hospitality and Travel industry. The integration would bring the hospitality industry closer to a larger distribution network allowing them to be discovered more easily by a wider audience and in turn impacting revenue generation positively.
  • RateGain and DHISCO as one family will continue to work hard to create partnerships and not just technology solutions, delivered by our amazing A-teams.


The RateGain – DHISCO combine will create 1 + 1 = 111 for customers by:

  • Offering unbeatable value to customers by delivering on RateGain’s vision of helping hotels make more revenue every day by providing the world’s most comprehensive travel technology distribution system with the world’s most intelligent BI and Revenue Management platform.
  • Offering a global network of customer success offices with DHISCO continuing to maintain its offices in Dallas, Scottsdale and London and the network being bolstered by RateGain’s offices in more than 12 countries including Spain, South Africa, Indonesia and India.
  • RateGain with its rich portfolio of long tail distribution channels consisting of 600+ OTAs in Asia and Middle East will be bolstered by DHISCO’s expertise in the short-tail high volume platforms like Hotwire.