World’s Leading RMSes are powered by RateGain

Enterprise-class Rate Intelligence & Demand Forecasting Solutions
World’s Leading RMSes are powered by RateGain
Enterprise-class Rate Intelligence & Demand Forecasting Solutions
Reach new levels of Profitability

Increase your margins on every deal by bundling RateGain’s white-labelled business intelligence.

Drive users to your systems for multiple APIs rather than different 3rd party platforms.

Enhance Customer Experience

Own the customer relationship end-to-end.

Be the one-stop-shop for all things including contracting, customer support, BI-dashboards view etc.

Achieve over 90% Forecasting Accuracy

Improve demand forecasting using forward-looking demand indicators.

Drive better recommendations with City-wise & Hyperlocal demand tracking.

Rate Intelligence APIs

REST-based Integration (Inbound and Outbound) RMS exposes REST endpoints that are used by RateGain to push rate changes to shopped hotels (Inbound for RMS)
RateGain exposes REST endpoints that are used by the RMS to search hotels, pull historical rate evolution, and configure shopping schedules (Outbound for RMS)
All transfer of rate and configuration data will be done using these APIs
Push of rate changes RateGain will push rates to the RMS according to schedules configured by the RMS
RMS can also pull historical evolution of rates for atleast past 365 days
RateGain can provide all rates or only the rates that have changes
RMS can request (on-demand) a full upload of rates for any hotel for any date range
Compset Management Hotel Compsets are managed within the RMS
RateGain configuration will be like a single subscriber, all the hotel universe will lie within this subscription of RateGain
Search of potential comp set based on location and other attributes RateGain maintains a searchable list of all hotels in all target markets, including both hotels that are currently stopped and hotels not currently shopped
RateGain has ability to shop hotels in all target markets for the RMS (i.e. world-wide)
Hotels list can be searched using multiple criteria:
  • Geographic Proximity
  • Star Rating
  • Average Rate
  • Other Attributes
Configurability of Shop schedule and dates shopped Each hotel can be configured with multiple shopping schedules
Each schedule can include:
  • Day(s) of week
  • Channel(s)
  • Length(s) of stay
  • Days to arrival
  • Shops per day
RateGain initiated push of Reputation and Events data RateGain acquires reputation (review) and local events data and pushes these to the RMS according to configured schedule

RateGain's Commitment for Rate Intel Partnerships


With experience in rate shopping for past 2 decades across 7 different verticals, we provide unparalleled capabilities in data, reporting and analytics


Our data sufficiency, accuracy, on-time delivery and other KPIs are best in class, powered by dataSure, our in-house ML based data monitoring


With modern architecture, automated mapping and scalable infrastructure & support, we are able to cater to high scale of delivery (shopping 500,000 + hotels)


We work with 20,000+ Hotels, 50+ OTAs, 30+ Car Rentals, 100+ airlines etc.

Demand Forecasting APIs

RMS can access to a lot of granular forward looking data through APIs. These data points can then directly be consumed in their own algorithm to make any pricing adjustments.

  • AI/ML based algorithm that ingests data from 25+ forward-looking indicators and calculates travel demand for your city/neighbourhood on a scale of 0 to 100*. The scale is calibrated uniquely for each city and incorporates all data since 1st January 2019. The Demand Index is calculated for each check-in date and the forecasting window is next 90 days.
  • Rate Shopping & Booking Intelligence from 450,000+ hotels & 2 Mn+ VRs.
  • Booking Insights (ADR, LOS, Booking window, PAX) from 40 Mn+ bookings across 165,000+ hotels
  • Airline Capacity & Network planning data for all prominent Scheduled & Charter Airlines
  • Demand Index, ADR, Supply information for Hotels & VRs along most prominent districts
    in the city (lat/long based bifurcation). District boundaries within a city can be customized
  • 150 Bn+ Searches on OTA/GDS through distribution solutions. This includes pace & ramp-up of searches at a destination level

  • Keyword searches on popular search engines and their volume
  • Hot / Cold Demand Dates – basis the Demand Index over the next 90 days.
    This can help in planning pricing appropriately in correlation with other parameters like Occupancy etc.
  • Weather & News (including CoVid) sourced from some of the leading sources in this space online.

RateGain's Commitment for Demand Forecasting Partnerships

Most successful RMS Companies are born-digital and lie at the intersection of high quality data and cutting edge algorithm -  that is why they love RateGain’s AI-Powered Demand Forecasts


While calculating Demand Index, we can select the indicators you feel are useful and exclude others. This is helpful because every RMS & segment has a unique requirement


Access data you want - whether Demand Index, or the base data points. This is hugely popular as RMS already have algorithms and in some case just need additional forward looking indicators

Widest Data Canvas

Hotels, VR, Airline, OTA, Car Rental - we have it all! Searches, bookings, cancel, capacity, Load Factor, LOS, ABW - that too. CoVid, policy measures, events, holidays, online searches – yes, yes !

Speed To Value, Plug & Play

Whether data is needed through APIs, or custom reports or UI - RMS have the ability to chose and get started asap on scaling RevPar

Forecast Accuracy

Our forward looking forecast has a high +ve correlation with retrospective actual data (our USP is that we fine-tune models using our own distribution data every week and then again with data from external sources)

Request for Integration

We have been able to increase our clicks by 100% compared to the previous year – and we are especially pleased about the increasing direct bookings on our homepage.

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