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According to research by Penn State University, Studies show that hotel employees feel stressed on 40-62% of workdays, with work overload and technological problems being the 2nd highest reason for stress.
Unfortunately, the industry experiences higher levels of stress when compared to the average levels observed across industries, which is between 25 to 44%.
Today, Stress is recognized by many as the No. 1 proxy killer disease. The American Medical Association has noted that stress is the basic cause of more than 60 percent of all human illness and diseases .
As a partner, RateGain’s concern ends at not only helping you make more revenue but also offer you peace of mind and a good night sleep every day.
Starting in 2020, we will continue to build on initiatives that help reduce stress and contribute to making a HEALTHIER YOU!

Start Building Digital Boundaries

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to feel pressure to be available 24 hours a day. Take out time for your family, by not checking email from home in the evening, or not answering the phone during dinner.
Make a conscious choice of using technology that helps you not stay tangled in data, analysis and cluttered screens and instead allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones to refresh you mentally and physically

Clear Out Your Mind By Learning to Relax

Start small by building a regular habit that helps you relax and clear your mind. Do this by building on a simple activity like breathing, walking or enjoying a meal.
A single purposeful focus on a activity without distraction will get stronger with practice help you focus better and take decisions with clarity.

Tackle Daily Stressors at Work

Lost in finding important information, slow loading screens, delay in getting daily updates, unable to process huge amount of data are just a few of the issues that increases stress and leads to bad decisions and impacts your health.
We at RateGain today are focusssing on building products that help in solving these stressors. Let’s start a conversation to help you understand how you can reduce work stress today.

Stay Updated to Stay Healthy

We are curating a list of topics and content that help you reduce stress in your every day work. Share your details to start your stress free journey today
Know How You can Get De-stressed with RateGain
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