Eliminate Uncertainty with Intelligent Pricing Decisions

CarGain Canvas is an integrated analytics solution that gives 360 degree market view to pricing and revenue managers, helping them identify revenue loss faster, verify their market position quicker, and rectify their pricing strategy with a better understanding of the market to unlock new revenue in the new normal.
Volatile demand
Lack of Resources
Never-ending manual competitive data analysis
Inability to monitor the position in the market
Unsure of what actions to take against the competitive set.
CarGain Canvas is an agile revenue management system helps pricing and revenue managers, Identify problematic areas faster, Verify their market position quicker, and Rectify pricing strategy with a better understanding of the market to unlock new revenue in the new normal.


Identify the Right Opportunities Faster
With CarGain Canvas, identify profitable opportunities amid hundreds of billions of competitor rates. With easy to use filter options, get granular insights for all future rental dates, across markets, locations, durations, and vehicle categories in a single unified view with multiple visualization formats with a few simple clicks.
  1. Customize Intelligence with Point and Click Filter Options
    a. by Car Type, Competition Type, Location, LOR and Mileage
  2. Get Accurate View of the Market with easy toggle options
    a. by Shop, Country, PoS, Payment Type and Source Type
  3. Multiple Price Variance Visualization Formats
    a. by Calendar, Graphical, Tabular view types
Verify Triggers That Impact Demand
Compare your current market position easily with the past performance of both you and your competitors to get a holistic view of your current position just with a click of a button. Verify triggers that are impacting the demand in your target markets with real-time insights for demand catalysts, mode of travel competing against your rental, and key performance indicators
  1. Focus on Insights in a View that Works for You
    with Calendar, Graphical, Tabular views
  2. Monitor What Matters
    with High Level Business KPI Indicator Summary Snapshot
  3. Stay updated on What is Driving demand
    with SNEW which are driving demand for a particular Shop Date
  4. Perform a Comprehensive Analysis
    with Pace Chart to compare your and your competitor performance for historical shop dates
Rectify Your Pricing Decisions with A Click
Rectify your pricing decisions 10 times faster as Canvas will never let you miss a price change. With alerts that notify you of market changes or opportunities, stay up to date with alerts that and never let you tune out of your market
  1. Faster analysis and insight generation of rental price data by delta or variance
    with color coding of data
  2. Quick Access to Evolution of Fares
    with unlimited historical competitive price intelligence data storage

Fueled by Data From Various Sources

4 Billion
Rates per year
400 MN
Rate Updates
10 Years
Historical Data


  • Save Time with accurate market position delivered by single screen analytics
  • Identify profitable opportunities amid hundreds of billions of competitor rates
  • Granular market insights in a single unified view with multiple visualization formats
  • Course Correct basis historical trends for your best performing routes
  • Rectify pricing decisions 10 times faster to ensure zero minimum losses
  • Up-to-date views of the market to stay updated always

Powered by Cutting Edge Technology

Cloud Burst
Largest User of PUBSUB
In-house Data Lake
Automated Data Quality Checks

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Ecosystem Of Partners

Our partnerships are aligned to enable car rental companies accelerate technology adoption by delivering greater business insights and create new revenue models. We believe in creating a healthy partnership ecosystem with mature relationships and focus on co-creation of value for the car rental industry.

Thermeon BlueBird

RateGain – Thermeon Bluebird partnership provides the most comprehensive solution suite consisting of solutions for pricing intelligence, CRS, and revenue management, as a single bundled offering. This suite is aimed at helping the car rental industry benefit from faster, data-backed actionable insights to move towards a #BetterTomorrow.


RateGain’s CarGain and RevGain products maximise pricing and revenue management, while Arvoia provide the opportunity to Personalise the booking experience through our range of Personalisation products, all of which greatly improves the profitability and revenue performance of the car rental sector while also improving customer experience.

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