Meet our Speakers

Chinmai Sharma

President – Americas

Ondine Benoit

Director of Hotel Suppliers Relations

Tara Stangel

Head of Lodging Supply

Steve Peterman

North America, Market Management Lead
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Steve Reynolds

With stay at home measures being lifted across Europe and US, businesses are preparing to resume operations, tighten cash spends and recover lost revenue due to the impact of the pandemic. As conversation pivot towards resurgence and growth, corporate travel both local and international is expected to play a crucial role in the revival of travel and act as a catalyst to building trust and creation of a #BetterTomorrow.
Join corporate travel industry leaders and experts as they Discuss, Deliberate and Decode the future of corporate travel and share strategies that travel and hospitality industry can adopt as they prepare to welcome back corporate travelers in a by invitation only session
  • How will the corporate travel framework be different in the post COVID era?
  • Demand management:
    • What will the triggers for corporate travel in the post COVID era?
    • How long will it take for corporate demand to reach pre-COVID demand volumes?
    • Extinction of the Human Connect: With customers accepting that sales reps do not need to meet in person in order to keep the relationship alive, will the art of meet-greet-repeat for sales be a thing of the past?
  • Impact on policies for corporate travel
    • Duty of Care: With OTAs beefing up to capture market share by assuring health, hygiene and safety what more can TMCs do to deliver on Duty of care?
  • Safeguarding the corporate travelers: TMCs Expectations from Hotels?
    • Social distancing, Sanitation, Hygiene: How will hotels assure that they are safe for the corporate traveler
    • Price wars in the new normal: Impact on hotel pricing in the post COVID-19 world and the need for rate audits.
  • Alternate Accommodations and TMCs: Friends or Foes in the post COVID-19 era?
  • Stop, Start, Continue
    • Advice from TMCs for Hotels: Top 3 asks
    • What are TMCs doing to adapt to the new normal

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Tobias Baumann
Director Sales & Marketing
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