RateGain, RaspberrySky, Cogent Blue, Apaleo, Cheval Collection and The Afro Marketer bring you an invite-only webinar that will give you an exclusive chance of knowing about the state of UK market and what strategies to adopt to get back to business for a #BetterTomorrow. Join this webinar to know:
  • The latest news and current happenings in the UK market
  • Distribution landscape changes: Diversification, Content, Renewals and Technology
  • Revenue strategies and best practices
  • Crafting an engaging guest experience with hospitality technology
  • Reopening Preparations: Relevant coping strategies and best practices
  • Digital Essentials for a hospitality relaunch

Meet our Panelists

Sally Richards

Managing Director
RaspberrySky Services Limited

Shona Whitehead

Managing Partner
Cogent Blue

Doug Greenwood

Director of Sales and Marketing
Cheval Collection

Alan O’Riordan


Claire Rowland

The Afro Marketer

Maarten Edelman

AVP & Head of UK

Brands That Rely on Us

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Tobias Baumann
Director Sales & Marketing
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