Airline Travelers Forecast (ATF)

Industry’s Only Forecast on Travelers anticipated to arrive at a Destination, segmented by Source Markets.

Get Clarity on the Future of Travel with Forward-looking Demand Intelligence

Know the number of travelers anticipated to arrive at a destination in the next 90 days. See how many travelers are currently booked out of the total expected.
Travelers Arriving (Next 90 Days)
Source Markets (Region wise share)

Know exactly Where & When to Spend Your Marketing Dollars

Run more targeted campaigns with Demand AI’s Source Market Intelligence. Capture Market Share with clarity on which source markets are driving how many visitors to your destination and when.

Get this info broken down by Regions, Countries, Cities & Type of Travelers.

Optimize Room Pricing Recommendations with Airline & Hotel Pricing Intelligence

Sell the rooms at the right price by Correlating how Airline prices, Hotel ADRs and Demand for a particular destination is trending for the next 75 days.

Future of Travel

Get an inside look into future demand of the top cities of the world in less than 90 seconds.

Future of Travel

Get an inside look into future demand of the top cities of the world in less than 90 seconds.

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Other Key Reasons Why you Need ATF

Know which Demand Partners to Connect with

With clarity on the source markets driving traffic in the future, get more bookings by connecting with Meta Engines and OTAs in those regions.

Maximize Return on Ad Spend with Day-Wise Intelligence

Optimize Your Ad Spends & Bids in accordance with Day-wise fluctuations. Get clarity on the number of travelers arriving each day. See which days of the week are busiest for Airports to plan your campaigns.

Increase Ancillary Revenue

Know the top Airlines driving traffic to your destination. Run targeted campaigns based on class of travel (Budget / Luxury / Business / Leisure).

ATF also provides data for scheduled charter flights and other low cost carriers.

Compare Demand Forecasts with Pre-Covid Trends to Assess ROI

Track how your destination is doing now and in the next 3 months compared to previous years including 2019 (Pre-Covid).

Efficiently Manage Manpower & Inventory Requirements

Demand AI’s Travelers Forecast (ATF) provides projections for the next 75 days which in turn helps the teams execute daily operations more efficiently, effectively manage the manpower needed and the F&B inventory.

Stay Up to Speed with the Future Trends


Airline Travelers Forecast (referred to as ATF) is a RateGain proprietary model that forecasts inbound airline travelers that we anticipate will travel in near future to a certain destination from pre-defined source markets. RateGain aggregates data from 3rd parties (Flights schedules, GDS bookings etc.) and mashes this up with our proprietary data (O&D Airfares,  Demand.AI Macro data like CoVid news, advisory, vaccination etc.) to arrive at this report. Apart from forecasting for the future, we also provide historical ‘actual’ data that is sourced from airports and aviation bodies. For the markets we are live, we are able to provide the forecast with a high degree of accuracy. This is a weekly report. Given the dynamic nature of the global aviation travel, our clients like to see the updates on a weekly basis.

Award-Winning Travel Demand Insights

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