Optimizing For Conversions
Just Got Easier

Make it easy for the right guest to find you, like you and select you at every platform
Cart Abandonment in Online Travel Is A Big Issue
Searching For Unique Needs

On an average, every user visits around 38 websites to decide on the location, property, and finally the room. Having inconsistent content across any of these websites will result in a loss of trust and eventually impact conversions.

Seeking More Discounts

Increasing inflation combined with the urge to travel is resulting in travelers looking for better deals across websites. How do you make sure your hotel offers the best price.

Increasing Advertising Costs

Higher cost per lead, poor keyword targeting and lack of ads on the first fold are some problems that plague hoteliers everyday as their Roi is questioned.

Continuing Uncertainty

Weather, Political and Economic reasons can impact demand from key source markets. How can hoteliers adapt their marketing and revenue strategy to get more bookings.

RateGain’s End-to-End Solution to Improve Conversions At Every Stage

Target Markets with Higher Intent to Travel


Give the Best Offer on Every Channel to engage prospects


Provide up-to date descriptions and images across every channel


Optimize Your Digital Strategy to improve Direct conversions

Making Conversions Easier

Step 1

Target the right markets to capture demand

Track changing demand patterns across key source markets and optimize for higher conversions

Step 2

Reconfigure your source market mix based on intent

Connect to new channels that capture demand from your new source markets 80% faster and be in front of the right guest

Step 3

Understand source market needs and update content

Ensure that every guest is able to evaluate your property easily across their platform of choice with all the required details

Step 4

Optimize prices to give the best offer

Get daily custom notifications at the start of the day on competitive data that matters the most to give the best offer

Step 5

Capture maximum links on Metasearch

Use Demand based insights to optimize your campaigns on the right keywords to get more people to your website

Step 6

Optimize Your Website to Increase Conversions

Connect with metasearch providers and integrate your booking engines on the website seamlessly to capture every potential guest and convert their bookings easily

We have been able to increase our clicks by 100% compared to the previous year – and we are especially pleased about the increasing direct bookings on our homepage.

Tobias Baumann
Director Sales & Marketing
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