Re-imagining Rate Intelligence for Tour Operators & Package Providers

Compete on every price point by easily tracking every inclusion in competitor packages
The only provider of rate intelligence for more than 60 out of 80 package providers globally
Get access to customized competitor pricing intelligence in realtime to beat them on every price point

Tour operators and package providers are thriving as more travellers move away from traditional vacations to tailored experiences. However with the rise of packages, they also face the challenge of a four fold competition with hotels, OTAs, airlines and vacation rentals entering the experiences space to get a slice of the pie.

To stay ahead in this hyper-competitive market, getting both accurate and in-depth intelligence is essential. RateGain offers tailored intelligence as per the need of tour operators and package providers giving them visibility on every price point with the only solution to provide apple to apple mapping.

Apple to Apple Mapping

RateGain’s in-house AI and fuzzy logic algorithms tell you clearly every inclusion on every price point across all competition, allowing you to customize your offering every day to always deliver the right price to the right traveller

Intelligence for Every need

Get the rates that you want for any combination that you need across three categories

  • The cheapest Package rate and availability
  • Matching the Package rate and availability with your exact need for Hotels and Airlines
  • Matching the Package rate and availability with your exact need for Airlines

Force Match – Apple to Apple
on Flight


Cheapest Package Rate
and Availability


Force Match – Apple to Apple
on Hotel+ Flight

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