Content Management for Hotels to Improve Conversions

Hospitality’s First AI-powered Content Platform to Improve Conversions and Maximize Revenue

Before Content AI: A broken hotel content management and distribution playbook; disparate systems posing huge challenge of maintaining content parity across demand partners; little visibility; and bookings going downhill.

With Content AI: An AI-enabled platform for improving content strength across preferred demand partners; increased discoverability in filtered searches; increased bookings; and more revenue.

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How Content AI Simplifies Your Content-to-Conversion Journey

AI-powered content optimization
Our Wizard drives more conversions
Auto-generated tags for improved visibility on demand partners
One-click distribution for content parity across channels

AI-powered Content Optimization

Stop spending hours in sourcing content from different teams and get all the existing content updated across all fields with just a few clicks, without missing a single detail.
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hotel Content AI Wizard

Our Wizard Drives More Conversions

Stop obsessing over which fields would your guest notice before making the booking.
Our Content AI Wizard helps you identify which attributes are the most critical to drive conversions across all demand partners automatically.

Auto-Generated Tags for Improved Visibility on Demand Partners

With AI powered tagging, your images would have auto-populated tags based on their content. This makes it easy for you to manage, modify and update them automatically across all demand partners thereby eliminating the need of manual tagging.
AI tagging- hotel content management system
content parity- hotel content

One-Click Distribution for Content Parity Across Channels

No more updating content on every demand partner. Distribute complete, correct, and consistent content across all demand partners in a single click.

Why Choose Content AI

Easy to Use
Get up and running with Content AI quickly. It’s intuitive and easy-to-use. Content AI is more than just a content platform – it’s a better way to attract and delight your customers, and drive your hotel revenue. Teams that switch to Content.AI are more impactful in strengthening the content score of their hotels in a few simple clicks.
Get your Scattered
Content Together
Managing and distributing content is especially challenging when stuff’s spread out across emails, file services, spreadsheets, etc. Content.AI helps you reorganize your scattered processes and saves you from the stress of constantly managing the content amid chaos.
Turbocharge your
Operational Efficiency
It equips with all the tools (auto image tagging, auto-fix wizard for image optimization, one-click distribution – to name a few) eliminates the scope of human slip-ups and errors to boost your content strength and take your efficiency several notches up.


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