Get More Bookings Every day

Tackle volatility by generating more bookings every day to meet your revenue goals
Finding new Demand Can be Tricky
Continuing Uncertainty

Weather, Political and Economic reasons can impact demand from key source markets. How can hoteliers adapt their marketing and revenue strategy to get more bookings


With higher costs of traveling, guests are now looking carefully at each deal before they book. How can hoteliers make sure they give the best offer across every platform and at the same control unregulated discounts

Underperforming Demand Partners

If your demand partners are unable to get you the right amount of bookings, how can you switch over to new demand partners to get more bookings easily without extra cost, manpower and effort


Your marketing spends are unable to improve conversions on your website, resulting in reduced budgets, lesser bookings and missed revenue goals

RateGain’s 360 Degree Approach to Generate More Demand

Identify the source markets driving demand


Connect to the right OTAs to reach the source markets

End to End Digital Strategy to Engage New Demand

Adjust prices in real-time to capture demand

Monitor Parity to Improve cost of acquisition

Making Demand Generation Easier

Step 1

Target the right markets to capture demand

Track changing demand patterns across key source markets and optimize for higher conversions

Step 2

Reconfigure your source market mix based on intent

Connect to new channels that capture demand from your new source markets 80% faster and be in front of the right guest

Step 3

Optimize prices to give the best offer

Get daily custom notifications at the start of the day on competitive data that matters the most to give the best offer

Step 4

Capture maximum links on Metasearch

Use Demand based insights to optimize your campaigns on the right keywords to get more people to your website

Step 5

Monitor Parity to always Rank Number 1

On your smartphone, or on desktop – make sure organic results on OTAs as well as paid results on metasearch websites give the same rate to improve conversions

We have been able to increase our clicks by 100% compared to the previous year – and we are especially pleased about the increasing direct bookings on our homepage.

Tobias Baumann
Director Sales & Marketing
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