AI Powered Revenue Management for Cruises & Ferries

Customised revenue management solution for Cruises and Ferries
Intelligence trusted by the largest cruise lines in the world
Speed up your time to market with rules that act on your decisions

The debate on digitalisation and the need for committing billions of dollars for cruise and ferry modernisation is still not settled, however the industry agreed on the dire need of upgrading customer acquisition and revenue management solutions.

RateGain offers a comprehensive revenue management solution built specifically for the cruise and ferries industry to unlock revenue while staying ahead of competition every day. Powered with RateGain’s data lake and an easy to use intuitive UI, this unique product gives power back to the revenue manager to steer demand and maximise revenue.

AI powered Revenue Management

A single intuitive UI to see how weather, events, news and social media reviews impact your demand using proprietary machine learning algorithms developed by RateGain’s data science team allowing you the flexibility to customize our logic to meet your business strategy

Data Lake full of insights

Leave the stress of data storage, processing and modelling to us as we give you free access to RateGain’s data lake to access historical data, store forecasts and deploy machine learning engines to get insights and help formulate a robust pricing and revenue strategy

Automated Business Rules

Easily automate rate updates to booking engine and set auto acceptance rules for configuring floor and ceiling rates as well as handling unique use cases to track ships shared between cargo & passenger

Customer Speak

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