Significance of Price Parity in the Hotel Industry

The rise of new-age channels is giving competition to OTAs and brand sites as more travelers today search on these platforms as the traveler looks for competitive deals and prices making it extremely critical for hotels to have a foolproof strategy to maintain rate parity across all third-party partners.
RateGain, with its customisable and intuitive rate parity system for hotels analyzes their rate parity status quo, define strategies to minimize revenue loss and enhance brand reputation with industry’s only closed loop rate parity solution.

Key Features

Parity Pulse
A single intuitive dashboard to keep you up to date with all violations
Closed Loop Rate Parity (CLRP) analysis
Not only identify but correct parity violations immediately
The Why Behind The Parity
Identify your violations on the basis of caching, bait & switch, promotions etc
Automated Rule Based Real Time Alerts
Customize Alerts to notify your teams and take immediate action on discrepancies
Member Rates Tracking
Track violations across direct and indirect channels including Metas, POS, Mobile app & member rate
Calculate Potential Revenue Loss
Get channel wise insights into your potential revenue leakage recorded due to rate & availability violations

The Most Advanced Analysis On Rate Parity

Parity+ provides Industry’s only closed loop parity analysis for hotel rate parity issues that confirms the source of parity violation and also provides assistance to correct the violation instantly.
Analysis On Rate Parity
Rate Parity - hotel rate integrity

Control All Violations From One Action Center

Never lose sight of a parity violation across any channel and maintain hotel rate integrity with detailed analysis on overall parity score, violations, global data & win, loss and meet instances on one intuitive screen.

Go Granular With Meta Visibility & Brand Site Positioning

Find out your brand site’s visibility and rank on meta-channels and benchmark against comp-set. Also get centralised control on rate parity across regional, country, city & hotel level parity, with one click!.
rate parity - Brand Site Positioning
Price Parity - distribution channels

Instant Validation Across Channels

Compare performance of direct vs indirect distribution channels and run on-demand report against a violation instance to validate and fix the discrepancy.

Easily Track Violations And Send Real-Time Alerts

Get Real Time Data & take immediate action across your portfolio of hotels.
Hotel Rate Parity - Real-Time Alerts
hotel rate parity issues - Revenue Loss

Know Your Potential Revenue Loss

Get insights into potential revenue loss recorded due to rate and availability violations per channel.


Parity+ Closed Loop Service
Improve cost and save time by detecting the wholesaler or OTA behind your revenue leakage.
Parity+ On Demand Data Refresh
Auto fix hotel rate parity issues with real-time data availability.
Experience PARITY+ New and Refreshing User Interface
Keep an eye on Parity Violation with Parity +. We are thrilled to introduce a unique and new user experience (UX) for PARITY+, which is co-created with inputs from more than 100 #hospitality leaders & 1,000+ man hours behind it.

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What is hotel rate parity?
Hotel rate parity is the practice of maintaining consistent room rates across all distribution channels, including the hotel's own website and third-party booking platforms, to ensure fair and consistent pricing for guests.
Why is rate parity important?
Hotel rate parity is the practice of maintaining consistent room rates across all booking channels, ensuring fairness and protecting the hotel's brand reputation, supporting revenue management, and fulfilling contractual obligations. Overall, rate parity is considered a crucial aspect of the hotel industry's distribution strategy, as it helps to ensure that hotels are able to control the pricing of their rooms and maintain the integrity of their brand.
How do you maintain a rate parity?
Rate parity can be maintained through dynamic pricing, rate shopper tools, contractual agreements, and automated pricing systems. These strategies ensure consistent room rates across all booking channels through continuous monitoring and adjustment.
What is the goal of rate parity?
The goal of rate parity in the hotel industry is to ensure that customers are charged the same price for a room, regardless of the booking channel they use. This helps to prevent price discrimination and protects the hotel's brand reputation by ensuring that customers cannot find lower rates for the same room on other websites. Additionally, rate parity supports a hotel's revenue management strategy by allowing the hotel to maintain control over the prices it charges for its rooms and avoid the negative impacts of rate undercutting by third-party distributors. Ultimately, the goal of rate parity is to provide a fair and consistent pricing structure across all distribution channels.
What role does RateGain play in rate parity?
RateGain's Rate Parity Management tool helps hotels monitor their rates across all channels in real-time, identify discrepancies and potential violations, and take corrective action to ensure rate parity compliance. By automating this process, RateGain helps hotels save time and resources and reduce the risk of rate parity violations, which can lead to higher revenue and better relationships with distribution partners.

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