What is Price Parity and Why is it Important?

Parity is a billion dollar revenue problem which remains largely unaddressed across travel and hospitality. As more digital touchpoints continue to emerge and engage travellers, it becomes imperative for suppliers and demand partners to stay in sync of delivering the right price parity on every channel. The rise of third party sites, unsolicited aggregators and online offers is making it difficult for both the industry and traveller to keep a track of genuine offers.

RateGain works with industry leaders across OTAs, Airlines and hotels to give them rate parity reports and visibility into their partners that help them everyday to keep their brand promise as well as never lose the traveller’s trust

Giving OTAs visibility of their supply partners in real-time
Only provider of parity solution with an easy to use simple UI to keep all your partners in sync.
Get real-time hotel intelligence With ML-based insights and auto-fixing of errors

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Tobias Baumann
Director Sales & Marketing
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