Get Intelligence on member rates, corporate rates across every competitor
Check real-time prices and discounts on online packages
Keep a track of negotiated rates and brand rates as well as across specific GDS

OTA Rate Shopping

With new channels emerging every day, OTAs are constantly competing for the attention of the new traveler. This requires them access to accurate competitive intelligence that gives them a comprehensive view of the market as well as provide audits of the right offer.

Tailored Rate Intelligence

Rate Intelligence tailored for OTA needs that provides options of getting rates for the cheapest room for a specific hotel as well as track deals that are

Track OTA packages

To increase conversion most demand partners provide custom made Flights + hotel options to travelers for selling more inventory. Track all such combinations with our rate intelligence made specifically for OTAs

Rate Audits for Travel management companies

Get information on contracts, audit GDS rates and compare negotiated rates Vs negotiation clauses as well as GDS and customer rates to get clarity on every price point that you compete on

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