When it comes to booking travel, we all want to shop with an understanding of the bottom line: “what will this cost me?” Travelers need to know the whole price in order to book a stay, and they want to understand the reasons for additional costs that make up the total charge.

As a DHISCO client, it’s easy for you to provide clarity for your travelers and share the complete bottom line. Total Pricing, an important feature of the product DHISCO Shop, provides a breakdown of all rates, taxes and fees of a stay.

Lack of details creates confusion

Today a traveler shopping for a hotel views a rate for the room night without additional details or costs. Multiple searches generally result in a room rate average, leaving the traveler unaware of cost savings, upgrades or other benefits, such as extending his stay an additional night (or more) due to a rate change.

Once the traveler books the stay there may be an unpleasant surprise of seeing the total cost for the first time. The booking is now at risk to be abandoned because the traveler is confused about the price and feeling hassled because the price increased when finalizing the booking.

Pricing transparency delivers accurate rate details

DHISCO’s Total Pricing feature provides complete room rate details during the shopping experience and at the time of booking. The result is total transparency to travelers.

  • Provides specific room rates for each night, regardless of rate type
  • Includes total taxes
  • Comprises all hotel surcharges


Provide a positive experience before travelers arrive

Founded by hospitality and technology experts, DHISCO harnesses the power of technology to help you distribute rooms. With DHISCO Total Pricing you are able to provide guests with a positive experience by sharing accurate room rates without unpleasant pricing surprises.

Your travelers deserve complete booking details from the start. Let’s discuss how DHISCO solutions help provide clarity for your travelers and help your bottom line.