It’s 100% pure adrenaline! Introducing Distribution Strategy Studio

Distribution Strategy Studio is the first of a series of events organized by RateGain during 2018, exploring news and trends in travel distribution and revenue management. The first leg of this exciting itinerant journey (which will include cities and Countries all over the globe as Dubai, Milan, Colombia, Delhi, Mexico, Berlin and many more), will be in Madrid on the 16th of January.

hotel rate parity tips

8 Easy Tips for Hotel Revenue Managers to Cope With Rate Parity Issue

Must Read Tips to Manage Rate Parity: While rate parity ensures that you have complete control of setting the bar for your room rates and ensure equal prices across all distribution channels, it destroys your chances to compete freely in the market and also makes you lose a voluminous amount of potential revenue as massive commissions to the OTAs.

hotel revenue leakages

Hoteliers, Take a Re-look at Parity and Prevent Revenue Leakages

Hotels need to drive rate parity towards value differentiation than just price. With this article, we want to emphasize on the progress towards the Best Value Guarantee instead of Best Price Guarantee. Yet, a little attention on the key troublemakers can go a long way in warranting that, your hotel always stays ahead of the competition. Invest in a good Rate Parity Tool Now!

hotel price intelligence solution

We Bet You Will Not Want to Miss The Benefits of a Comprehensive Hotel Price Intelligence Solution!

Pricing has always been an important aspect of any business as it plays a quintessential role in the effective running of all industries worldwide. Hotel price management, i.e., how the goods and services of any business are priced and tagged in the extremely competitive market scenario goes a long way in determining the firm’s profitability…