Mobility – Perhaps the biggest buzzword in the last couple of years, fast-paced lifestyles have prompted the need for most people to ditch computers and switch to Mobile devices for internet access.

As per May 2022 data sourced from Statcounter, a whopping 59.02% of the Internet traffic comes from mobile devices as compared to 38.65% from Desktops.

This heightened demand for mobility opens up new marketing avenues for businesses in the travel and hospitality sector.

Mobile Rates – Drive Traffic from Device-Specific Channels

Mobile Rates by are specially discounted rates offered to guests browsing for hotel room reservations through a mobile app or a mobile browser. This helps generate more conversions as new customers on the lookout for great deals are likely to book without second thoughts, and loyal bookers are likely to come back to the mobile site/app repeatedly.

This is more relevant in the travel segment, where Travelport Digital estimates that as many as 80% of travelers use a mobile app while researching a holiday trip they are planning.

Mobile Rates as on

About 5 years ago, when Mobile took over as the preferred device for customers on, more than half the accommodation reservations made in 2018 were through a mobile device, either using the app or the mobile website.

Presently, the app is the most downloaded travel app on the planet for Jan-Mar 2022, thus making it the fastest-growing booker segment.

To help partner hotels make the most of this trend, offers partners the ability to boost their booking by as much as 22% by setting mobile rates on their properties.

Connected properties can set up these mobile rates in their property management systems using RezGain, a hotel channel manager of choice by RateGain. Alternatively, properties can set up mobile rates on the extranet under the ‘Rates & Availability’ tab.

The rates can be changed, edited, or modified at any time without restriction or compulsion.

The Advantages and Benefits of Mobile Rates

Doing so benefits the partners in ways more than one – Firstly, it helps improve occupancy. Secondly, it increases conversion rates. Thirdly, it boosts your property’s visibility on the platform.

Occupancy: By offering a discounted mobile-only rate, potential guests are more likely to book, thus driving traffic to your property and improving the occupancy.

People who notice a marked difference in the prices on the mobile sites are more likely to book, thus resulting in increased conversions and sales.

Visibility: Offering a better price is more likely to show your property on the top of the list when filtered and sorted by discounts, mobile-only rates, or price. Properties that offer Mobile Rates benefit from a special badge appearing next to the property name, both on search results and on your property page.

Additionally, people who get a great deal are more likely to review and recommend your property, thus boosting visibility, reputation, and booker confidence.

Setting Mobile Rates through RezGain

At RezGain, we’ve partnered with to bring Mobile Rate management directly on our platform, accessible and configurable with a few clicks. Simply head over to the property you wish to set mobile rates for and define the rates.

RezGain’s hotel channel manager software will automatically update and reflect these mobile rates for your properties across multiple channels, thus ensuring maximum visibility and better reach.

These rates apply to all your rooms and rate plans for site visitors arriving from the app or mobile browser all year round, but up to 30 dates can be configured through the course of the year when the offered discount does not apply. A minimum discount of 10% is recommended so as to obtain better conversion rates, but a higher rate most often leads to greater conversions.

Note: Mobile Rate discounts are provided over and above any other promotion you may have set or opted for, including the Genius program for partners. The only exceptions where these rates don’t apply include Country rates, Deals of the Day, and Limited Time Deals.

Try out Mobile Rates on RezGain now!

To try out the Mobile Rates feature, head over to your RezGain dashboard now! If you are new to RezGain or our other offerings at RateGain, feel free to reach out to our experts for a demo.