Google Marketing Live 2024 introduced a host of innovative updates, many of which can be leveraged effectively by hotel commercial and marketing teams. From AI-driven creative assets to immersive ad formats, these advancements are designed to enhance marketing efficiency and guest engagement.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the key updates, explain why they matter, and provide practical tips on how hoteliers can use these tools to boost bookings and improve their marketing strategies.

But first, let’s revisit Google Marketing Live with this short video.

Let’s explore how these cutting-edge features can help your hotel stay ahead in a competitive market.

  1. PMax to the Max!

    What’s New: Google’s Performance Max (PMax) campaigns now support mass AI-generated creative assets. You can quickly whip up high-quality, customized ads with advanced image editing and product showcasing.

    Why Does It Matter: This means less time spent on ad creation and more time focusing on guest experiences. High-quality visuals can make your hotel stand out and attract more bookings.

    How Can Hoteliers Leverage This: Use these tools to create stunning ads showcasing your rooms, amenities, and local attractions. Highlight unique selling points like special packages or events to attract different types of guests.

  2. Shop ‘Til They Drop – Immersive Shopping Ads

    What’s New: Google’s new immersive, AI-powered shopping ads include short-form product videos and 3D product views.

    Why Does It Matter: These interactive ads engage users more effectively, giving potential guests a virtual experience of your hotel’s offerings before they book.

    How Can Hoteliers Leverage This: Create short, engaging videos of your hotel’s rooms, dining experiences, and amenities. Use 3D views to offer virtual tours, making it easier for guests to visualize their stay.

  3. Video Killed the Static Ad Star

    What’s New: Expanded visually immersive ad formats across YouTube, Discover, and Gmail, including new ad formats like vertical videos and animated image ads.

    Why Does It Matter: Video content is king, and these new formats are designed to capture attention quickly and effectively.

    How Can Hoteliers Leverage This: Share guest testimonials, behind-the-scenes looks, and local attraction highlights in engaging video formats. Utilize these across YouTube and Gmail to reach potential guests during their discovery phase.

  4. AI in Your Search Results

    What’s New: Google is testing ads within AI-generated overview boxes on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

    Why Does It Matter: These ads can increase visibility and click-through rates directly from the search results, putting your hotel in front of potential guests right when they’re searching for accommodations.

    How Can Hoteliers Leverage This: Ensure your existing Search and Shopping campaigns are optimized for these new ad placements. Highlight competitive advantages like location, amenities, and special offers.

  5. Data, Data Everywhere – First-Party Data Management

    What’s New: The Ads Data Manager tool is now available to everyone, allowing you to centralize and activate your first-party data.

    Why Does It Matter: Better data management means more effective targeting and personalized marketing, which can lead to higher booking rates.

    How Can Hoteliers Leverage This: Use this tool to consolidate data from various sources like your booking system, CRM, and Google Ads. Create personalized marketing campaigns targeting past guests and potential new ones based on their preferences and behavior.

  6. Brand Profiles with Pizzazz

    What’s New: New tools for creating comprehensive brand profiles on Search, including imagery, videos, and customer reviews.

    Why Does It Matter: A well-rounded brand profile can significantly enhance your hotel’s online presence and reputation.

    How Can Hoteliers Leverage This: Create a visually appealing brand profile that highlights your hotel’s best features. Include high-quality images, guest reviews, and videos showcasing unique aspects of your property.

  7. Profit Optimization in PMax

    What’s New: New profit optimization goals in PMax campaigns.

    Why Does It Matter: Focusing on profit rather than just revenue can improve your bottom line.

    How Can Hoteliers Leverage This: Set profit-focused goals for your ad campaigns to maximize return on investment. Highlight lucrative packages or services that can boost your profits.

  8. Discover & Gallery Ads – Picture This!

    What’s New: Discovery and Gallery ads bring rich, interactive visuals to Google’s search results and Discover feed.

    Why Does It Matter: These formats can significantly increase engagement and drive more traffic to your booking pages.

    How Can Hoteliers Leverage This: Use Discovery ads to target potential guests with visually appealing, swipeable image carousels showcasing your property. Utilize Gallery ads to highlight special deals, room types, and local attractions.

Continuing the AI narrative from 2023’s Google Marketing Live edition, Google Marketing Live 2024 presents exciting opportunities for hoteliers to enhance their marketing efforts.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, staying informed and adapting to these changes will be key to maintaining a competitive edge in the hospitality industry. Embrace these updates to elevate your hotel’s marketing strategy and connect with guests in new and impactful ways.

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