There’s a reason why we hear a bazillion times about ‘how to make the most of your Facebook page’. Busy with the grand scheme of things, you might tend to forget the simple basic rules behind Social Media.

Here are the quick essentials your hotel must follow to market on social media (Facebook) effectively:

1)       Understand where you stand

  • Know where you stand online in comparison to your competitors
  • Set up clear goals- what you want to achieve from your Facebook page?
  • How many likes or followers would you like to have by the end of every quarter?

2)       Get people talking

  • Update your content and special offers or promotions regularly
  • Spend time and money on translation to appeal to local audience
  • Post unique professional pictures based on seasonality and your location

3)       Monitor actively

  • Research about your followers
  • Track your pages regularly
  • Check facts about your property

4)       Do Respond to the queries

  • If a mistake was clearly made on your part, correct the situation quickly
  • If someone leaves a negative comment based on incorrect facts, correct him
  • An irate person may never be satisfied, so you may be better off doing nothing
  • Don’t let anger derail your response

Hoteliers: We hope these tips help you leverage the most of your hotel’s Facebook page. Do let us know about your Facebook tips, tricks and best practices in the comment box below.