Welcome to Cyprotels Hotels & Resorts, the most serene hideout on the coast of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. Imaginative architecture and homely setups here, have been highly praised by tourists on popular metasearch sites like TripAdvisor. Besides, the sea-facing rooms are tranquil and allow you to rewind, while watching the waves change colors amidst warm Cypriot hospitality and exquisite continental cuisine in abundance!

All the properties under the banner are centrally located for tourists, with bars, shops, beaches and food joints situated only a stone’s throw away. The Cyprotel Faliraki, for instance, is a beautiful and well preserved double-storied hotel located on the beautiful eastern coast of Rhodes Island. On the other hand, the Cyprotel Florida in Ayia Napa caters to business and leisure guests alike. These properties feature a wide range of facilities, like recreational facilities, pools, billiards corners and lots more, to make your stay, a pleasant experience. Moreover, with so much happening around the island, there is always an event to keep you fascinated!

Recently, Kunwardeep Singh (KD), our assiduous Account Manager conversed with Stavros Drakou, the Director of Cyprotels Hotels and Resorts. Some extracts from their hour-long conversation have been illustrated in this blog post.

KD: Thanks for taking time out for our Brilliant Hotelier series and congratulations for a great overall performance in Cyprus. You have received several positive reviews on Trip Advisor recently. How do you feel about this achievement?

Stavros: Appreciate you for having me on-board. I feel obliged and extremely happy to see that our hard work is paying off.

KD: How has the Hospitality industry in Cyprus and Greece been performing over the years?

Stavros: With the turbulence in the general Mediterranean area, and with the bad media attention specific to Cyprus and Greece in the past couple of years, the whole industry was in a very difficult situation. Thankfully, the worst storm has passed! We can now be hopeful about the future again and proudly say that 2016 has been one of the most successful years in the history of Cyprian and Greek hospitality so far.

KD: So tell us more about Cyprotels Hotels & Resorts. What are the unique features of the hotels that make it so special for your guests?

Stavros: We don’t think we have any unique features, it is just that we give special attention and care to every single guest. We strive to be the best at what we do in our region. For this, we have designed family orientated all-inclusive holiday packages. We focus on keeping the kids busy in their games, while their parents can enjoy a well-deserved break during the stay. We also ensure that a scrumptious spread is available which can cater to the needs of different age groups and ethnic backgrounds. Besides, we have followed a “mixed-age grouping” approach in our staffing, and the members are accordingly aligned with the guests.

KD: In the fast-paced industry, there are several hotel revenue management technology requirements. Does it help you in any manner to have one vendor for all your requirements?

Stavros: Yes, everyone enjoys a one-stop shop for all their needs. We save a tremendous amount of time not having to switch between different websites and/or apps. It makes our life much easier and in case there are any issues, we don’t have to speak to 4-5 different support teams to resolve the issues, which is amazing!

KD: Can you elaborate a little on how hospitality is shifting towards being more needs-focused?

Stavros: I wouldn’t read it as a desire to be needs-focused, and would rather tag it as a shift towards being “more transparent”. Today, guest sentiment analysis matters and their opinions are all out in the open, thanks to the numerous review sites out there. People talk about their wants and a huge number of people want the same thing, hence being transparent is a necessity for hotels. RateGain’s BrandGain is a very useful tool in this regard, as it helps us to identify these requirements. By using it, we are able to analyze our guest’s sentiments and accordingly cater to their exact requirements.

KD: How has RateGain helped you in your journey?

Stavros: It has been a long and hard road to reach where we are today and we never used technology like this before! Besides, it is always hard to change a long-standing culture. But I must say that the team at RateGain has stood by us right from the start. They have willingly walked us through our issues and unusual situations. Not sure if we were actually spoiled by the account managers we had, (laughs) I am sure they have worked in this industry before becoming a part of RateGain, as they are always ready with a series of valuable insights. The tools themselves are brilliant and the people helping us to use them have been guiding us through all the features. This has made our journey a lot smoother.

Those were some really kind words! Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.


Image Credit: Kunwardeep Singh (third from left), Manager, Customer Success at RateGain with Stavros Drakou (center), Director at Cyprotels Hotels and Resorts and Cyprotels Team

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