Recently, we got an opportunity to speak with the revenue analyst at The Manila Hotel, Philippines, Louie Reyes. We asked him a few questions about using our product suite that we thought would be of help to other hotel revenue management professionals. Here’s what Louie had to say …

RateGain Editor: Please tell us about any challenge(s) faced by you before you implemented RateGain as a solution?

Louie Reyes: One of the challenges faced by our hotel before RateGain was to know the rates of our competitor in the market at a given time and how we can position our hotel so that we do not lose out on the other hotels in terms of occupancy and average rate.

RateGain Editor: What improvements did you notice after implementing our solutions? If possible, can you please throw some light on the exact numeral benefits drawn by you? (stats or percentage would be preferable)

Louie Reyes: We were able to optimize our pricing based on the data provided, know our booking pace and competitor rates. Helps us in our forecasting, know more about our occupancy pace and trending of the market.

RateGain Editor: How easy it is to use the RateGain products and how the system has made your life easier?

Louie Reyes: The price optimization helps us see forward in terms of what rates to offer on certain days to clients, when to bring it up and when to bring it down. While, BrandGain helps us in terms of customer feedback and in what areas we need to improve on and what areas we are doing well. It also helps us in communicating with guest feedback directly and immediately.

RateGain Editor: Why did you choose to go with RateGain products compared to other solutions?

Louie Reyes: I cannot answer this question as I came on board the hotels when RateGain was already chosen. Unfortunately, all the persons involved in the process are no longer connected with the company.

RateGain Editor: What is the best feature/application of RateGain solution ?

Louie Reyes: For me, Unity is the best solution because it helps us position ourselves against competition. At the same time through BrandGain, we get direct feedback from guests about the hotel and also come to know about our online reputation (# of reviews, ranking performance, performance by OTA site, etc..)