Granular data that allows you to exactly map fares and stay competitive
Revenue management solution powered by demand, events and weather data
Manage On-board guests. The Experience seamlessly across 120+ channels
Use rate intelligence trusted by Industry leaders to stay ahead

End To End Revenue Solutions for Cruises & Ferry Industry

The Cruise and Ferries industry has seen a renewed growth since 2015 as the industry is witnessing increasingly more sophisticated bundling and continue to hone and expand their package offerings to include an array of onboard amenities making it critical to stay on top of the offers, discounts with real-time competitive rate intelligence to maximize revenue as weather disruptions, low-cost airlines and the rise of OTAs are all making it more difficult for cruises and ferries to move ahead profitably.

RateGain works with leading cruise and ferry operators to provide competitive rate intelligence by tracking more than 50% ships and helping them create a winning pricing strategy.

Six Factored Rate intelligence tailored to industry needs

RateGain helps leading cruise liners and ferries with pricing intelligence based on six factors to make sure that every decision is taken on data that is accurate, real-time and keeps you ahead of the competition.

Now get intelligence customized to your needs

  • Journey Type
  • Duration
  • Route
  • Car Type
  • Cabin type
  • Boarding and Disembarkation port

AI Powered Revenue Management

As the industry gathers steam again, a host of channels and factors affect demand which is challenging to track daily making it necessary to predict accurately with our AI-powered demand forecasting engine which considers weather, events and your competition to navigate your revenue towards growth.

Trusted By All Major Cruise Lines Of The World

RateGain helps the world’s biggest cruise lines and ferries with pricing intelligence every day for the last 10 years with data that is 98% accurate to help them provide the most value from every experience for all customers onboard.

% Ships

Tracked across the world

Maximizing Guest Lifetime Value With Guest Experience Cloud Platform

This comprehensive guest experience cloud platform combines the power of BCV’s social media listening, analytics, creative and engagement capabilities with RateGain’s AI-driven cognitive revenue management and smart distribution solutions and generate unprecedented visibility and control to influence and impact the guest journey and directly measure impact on booking and net RevPAR to maximize guest lifetime value.
Customer Speak

Some Cruise Lines & Ferries That Rely on Us

We have been able to increase our clicks by 100% compared to the previous year – and we are especially pleased about the increasing direct bookings on our homepage.

Tobias Baumann
Director Sales & Marketing
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