Stop worrying about finding new supply by connecting to over 125,000+ hotels


Act faster with granular insights on parity violations instantly


Real-time rate intelligence from over 1500+ channels so that you never lose a single customer

End To End Revenue Solutions For OTA

The new-traveller, with more than 182 digital touchpoints, is difficult to predict and understand. Travel sellers and OTAs at large are spending billions of dollars in acquiring these customers online and influencing their path to purchase. This is becoming more difficult with the emergence of new supply markets which most travel sellers and OTAs need to tap into and cater to the new demand as well as maximize revenue opportunities.

Our team at RateGain has been working with OTAs for the last 15 years, providing distribution and rate intelligence solutions to over 1500+ partners every day. We help you grow with real-time competitive intelligence, a dedicated parity solution, and also make distribution frictionless by increasing your offerings and hence giving travelers more choices, ranging from boutique hotels to all the leading global hotel chains.

Unlock Revenue by Connecting to the Largest Supply of Hotels

Make your distribution and connectivity challenge a thing of the past by connecting to the largest supply of hotels and giving your customers a greater choice by expanding your hotel products. Influence every decision with descriptive content, across thousands of hotel properties for every CRS connection.
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Get Control of Your Market with Parity Watch Tower for OTAs

Managing parity across suppliers and channels now become easy with the new and intuitive UI exclusively made for OTAs. Parity Watch tower allows you quickly analyse violations with granularity, get real-time alerts and see critical analysis by severity heat map

360 Degree Competitive Intelligence From 1500+ Channels

RateGain gets data from more than 1500+ partners including Metas, GDSs, OTAs, brand sites and gets intelligence from all relevant sources by tracking mobile rates, closed user group rates, B2B rates as well as rewards to easily customize your offers in real-time with the right intelligence.
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