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“The Price Value”

Webinar conducted live from

Nov 14, 15:30 CET

The Price Value – Nov 14, 15:30 CET

All you need to know to develop a successful price strategy! From Yield to Reputation, from Benchmark to Forecasting.

Best in class Revenue Managers will share the latest best practices and techniques to improve your revenue every day.

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Meet Our Speakers

Zsuzsanna Albrecht
Regional Vice President of Sales

Ullrich Kastner
CEO & Founder

Alejandro Gomez
SVP Sales & Business Development Europe & LATAM

2018 Overview: News & Trends from Travel and Hospitality Industry – Jan 23, 15:30 CET

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Meet Our Speakers

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Revenue vs Marketing – Part II – March 13,15:30 CET

Which are the main challenges in Revenue Management?
What is the current scenarios and the right approach for a winning strategy?
Best Practice, suggestions and best tools available in the market.

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Meet Our Speakers

Anupam Chawla
Product Owner



revenue management
Enzo Aita
Head of Marketing – Hospitality

Simone Puorto
Travel Tech Journalist & Tnooz Author

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