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A Guide on Channel Manager Comparison & Selection for your Hotel's Distribution Strategy

Learn how to Improve Your Hotel's Room Revenue by doing proper due diligence and comparison while selecting the Right Channel Manager.



Today, guest sentiment analysis matters and their opinions are all out in the open, thanks to the numerous review sites out there. People talk about their wants and a huge number of people want the same thing, hence being transparent is a necessity for hotels. RateGain’s tool is a very useful tool in this regard, as it helps us to identify these requirements. By using it, we are able to analyze our guest’s sentiments and accordingly cater to their exact requirements.

Stavros Drakou
Cyprotels Hotels and Resorts, Cyprus

Guests share their feedback on review sites, OTAs and on social media. Instant data analysis is essential for both marketing and operational teams. RateGain’s tools help hoteliers create integrated guest experiences. Each guest must be seen an individual.

Richard Lewis
Chief Excecutive Officer
Landmark Hotels, Dubai

The maturity of digital portals and a plethora of social forums today have made information transparent and accessible in a few clicks. The core challenge is to determine the level of discretion when it comes to sharing data online, and a smart tool like from RateGain makes that easy for us. RateGain team has done a great job in managing our hotel’s online reputation.

Trisna Widia
Corporate Internet Marketing & E-Commerce Manager
Prime Plaza Hotels and Resorts, Indonesia

We are using RateGain’s tools for Rate Intelligence, Hotel Channel Manager, and Online Reputation Management. All the tools are smart and easy to use. RateGain team is very helpful and we are very happy to share our experience with other hotels as well.

Tran Quynh Chi
Director of Sales and Marketing
Hotel Continental Saigon