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A Guide to select Hotel Rate Shopper that is holistic & well suited for today’s environment

The Know – how & Know - what guide to select the most proficient Rate Shopper for your Hotel.



"RateGain’s  RateShoper++  gives you a 360 degree perspective of the market on the real time. Data on AirBnB and Parity, helps monitor the new comp set and deviations thoroughly. Their newly launched Holiday and Events functionality, can guide properties for upcoming market demand, hence making pricing strategy more proficient."

Faisal Ijaz
Head of Revenue Management

Client_Ria Roberto, Director Revenue Management

We have observed remarkable improvements in terms of man hours spent in updating rates. Thanks to RateGain’s tool, our hotel no longer has overbooking issues as we are in complete control of both availability and restrictions.

Ria Roberto
Director Revenue Management
Kenz Hotel Management, UAE


client_I Nyoman Astama

With the help of powerful dashboard analytics in the RateGain’s tool, we are now able to analyze our comp-set better as well as leverage the power of price intelligence. Hence, we are now able to identify source markets better which has resulted in a stark improvement in our RevPAR and ADR numbers over the past few months.

I Nyoman Astama
General Manager
Bali Niksoma Boutique Beach Resort, Bali

j5Rimal Dubai_Hotel Rate Management

With RateGain’s solutions the immediate benefit we received was that we were able to position our property strategically among our comp-set as far as pricing was concerned. We were able to save time and efforts and it also provided us the confidence to manage rates multiple times during the day. With considerable data now on record, the RateGain tool is now a strong reference guide in our pricing decisions. RateGain’s tool is very user-friendly with the pages being very easy to maneuver across. It has definitely saved us time during the day to focus on selling. The fact the rate RateGain’s solution was providing real-time data compared to other products, was a key factor.

Neil Fernandes
Director at the j5 Rimal Hotel Apartments

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