In more than last 10 years the distribution technology has remained the same. Currently available distribution technology solves for basic distribution of ARI & receiving reservations but does not optimize on any other steps involved in distribution. Smart Distribution is a revolution in the distribution history as it will cater to these shortcomings by making each of the involved steps smarter. Our simple vision is to help hotels generate more revenue & simplify distribution for them.


Smart Distribution is a disruptive platform that leverages AI to discover new demand and simplify & expedite mapping and channel setup.

Discover Demand
Process 20 billion data points around source markets, competitive intelligence, channels, rates & content

  • Discover new source markets
  • Contract with new channels
  • Set content & rates automagically
  • Optimize channel mix
  • Allow distribution on 900+ Tour Operators
Strategic Insights

  • Automate mapping
  • Self serve
New Demand Discovery

  • Provide Market Insights and enable discovery of top Source markets & missed channels
  • Compare performance vis a vis Similar hotels
Expedited Contracting

  • Expedite & own end to end closure of Contracting process
Expedited Channel Setup

  • Expedited channel setup using AI enabled optimizing products like mapping recommender
Mapping Recommender

  • AI based Mapping Recommender which auto maps upto 90% of room rates

Distribution Journey


RateGain's Smart Distribution
Evolution in the hospitality distribution space by RateGain.
RateGain on getting Smart with distribution
Apurva Chamaria, Chief Revenue Officer at RateGain, talks to PhocusWire’s Kevin May during Phocuswright Europe 2019 in Amsterdam.

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