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In more than last 10 years the distribution technology has remained the same. Currently available distribution technology solves for basic distribution of ARI & receiving reservations but does not optimize on any other steps involved in distribution. Smart Distribution is a revolution in the distribution history as it will cater to these shortcomings by making each of the involved steps smarter. Our simple vision is to help hotels generate more revenue & simplify distribution for them.


Smart Distribution is a disruptive platform that leverages AI to discover new demand and simplify & expedite mapping and channel setup.

Discover Demand
Process 20 billion data points around source markets, competitive intelligence, channels, rates & content

  • Discover new source markets
  • Contract with new channels
  • Set content & rates automagically
  • Optimize channel mix
  • Allow distribution on 900+ Tour Operators
Strategic Insights

  • Automate mapping
  • Self serve
New Demand Discovery

  • Provide Market Insights and enable discovery of top Source markets & missed channels
  • Compare performance vis a vis Similar hotels
Expedited Contracting

  • Expedite & own end to end closure of Contracting process
Expedited Channel Setup

  • Expedited channel setup using AI enabled optimizing products like mapping recommender
Mapping Recommender

  • AI based Mapping Recommender which auto maps upto 90% of room rates
best channel manager for small hotels


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