Finding it challenging to adjust prices on your most essential ONDs with inaccurate & stale data?
Struggling to offer competitive pricing to the customers with insufficient market insights and data from limited channels?

Accelerate your Revenue Growth with AirGain’s Unlimited Intelligence, Powered by Innovative Technology

Real-time Intelligence
Track your competitors price points in real-time anytime, everyday
On-Demand Data Delivery
Make faster decisions with dynamic data reports delivered in less than 30 mins*
Real-time Data across Channels
Optimize prices on the preferred ONDs with market insights across META, OTAs, Mobile Apps, in real-time
98% Data Accuracy
Automated data quality check to ensure delivered data is fresh and consistent
80% Faster Insights
Stay ahead of competitors with instant alerts on your most important routes

Integrated with leading RMS

AirGain, Trusted by the World’s Fastest Growing Airlines

A Pricing Intelligence Platform Designed For The Post-Covid Revenue Managers

AirGain 2.0 is constantly evolving to help revenue & pricing teams take decisions that are more accurate in the new normal

Prominent Features-

Market Sense Alert
Get notified on every price change on your busiest ONDs
Historical Vs Current Trends
Identify revenue leakages by tracking competitors historical fares based on different shop dates up to a period of 365 days
Exceptional User-Experience
Track unlimited data points in real-time with scalable and advanced User-Interface
Ancillary Data
Unlock ancillary revenue by tracking competitive baggage, priority booking and meal charges data points
AirGain Parity Watchtower
Stop revenue losses by monitoring airfare disparity on third-party platforms

Switch to AirGain Rate Intelligence

  • FOC Account set-up
  • Hassle-free integration with all systems
  • Periodic project implementation tracker
  • Round the clock assistance

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Director Sales & Marketing
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