RateGain believes that in the age of the connected traveler, no one solution or industry has the right answer and only with an end to end approach we can excel in providing a seamless experience. Today we have built a partnership ecosystem of companies that together create a compelling solution allowing us to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

Partner With Revenue Management Systems

Revenue Management Systems create room pricing recommendations for hotels. One of the critical elements of room pricing decision is competitive prices. RateGain integrates its high quality competitive pricing data feed with all major RMS providers.


Partner On New-Age Data

New-age data helps companies predict the traveler intent better and forecast demand easily. RateGain partners with niche companies across the world to provide customers insights based on social, news, events and weather as well as historical data to meet their revenue management goals easily.

Solution Partner

Integrate your existing solutions to build customized client solutions with RateGain products. This could be a completely customized process management solution for a specific client, or an niche solution that you can brand, price, and support.

We have been able to increase our clicks by 100% compared to the previous year – and we are especially pleased about the increasing direct bookings on our homepage.

Tobias Baumann
Director Sales & Marketing
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