Thanos Hotels and Resorts is a private property chain of lifestyle hotels located in Cyprus that offers exotic experiences and serenity in Mediterranean style. Founded in 1970, Thanos Group is committed to providing highly personalized individual experience to their distinct customers who hail from various walks of life.

Thanos has the reputation to continually innovate and experiment newer experiences for their guests, which earn them the highest number of repeat customers in the region.

Thanos resorts have streamlined all hotel operations like online channel management, price optimization, competition price tracking and online reputation management and thus reported a significant reduction in overhead costs and an increase in staff productivity.

Mr. Kunwardeep Singh – What do you think has been the core mantra or we can say the key ingredient behind the success of Thanos Group?

Mr. Panayiotis Kyprianou – First of all, thank you for having me on board for this interview. Our each hotel stands as an exclusive separate entity with a unique theme and distinctive personality, but strongly interlaced between the values of Thanos Group.  Our success mantra is our great understanding of mind-sets and expectations of distinct demographics and tailoring our services exactly to what our clients seek.

We also believe that no business can sustain unless its own people and community are happy. Therefore, we invest strongly in our people and community to create a sustainable business model that propels repeat business from the customers.

Mr. Kunwardeep Singh – What kind of challenges had you been facing lately, which you think has hampered your growth rate?

Mr. Panayiotis Kyprianou – The key areas where we had been facing difficulties or I should say taste spoilers in our growth story are manual OTA update, struggle to maintain rate parity manually across channels which disabled us to focus on other important areas like strategic planning, promotions, and marketing etc.

Mr. Kunwardeep Singh – How do you think RateGain has helped you address your business challenges?

Mr. Panayiotis Kyprianou – With RateGain on board now it is really simple to put a distinct rate into the OTA market with selected channels; it just requires a few clicks and tick a few check boxes and it is done.

The tool not only enabled us to handle the manual, tedious task of publishing rates automatically and efficiently with the use of technology, but also empowered our staff with the ability to close out dates also far more easily. Even handling our guest reviews was much smoother post RateGain solution.

Mr. Kunwardeep Singh – There are tons of hotel management solutions out there. You must have evaluated several of them, but why settle with RateGain?

Mr. Panayiotis Kyprianou – Managing too many tools for your daily operations is a difficult and time-consuming task. We opted for RateGain’s All in One Hotel Solution because it saved us from the trouble of managing too many tools. In addition, having one integrated tool saves you from the troubles you face if you have multiple systems working in silos not integrated with each other. RateGain just saved us from all this.

Post the implementation of RateGain tools Thanos group witnessed a drop of 5% in operating costs and an increase in 9% in a year from Online Channels.

Additionally, we are very happy with the way RateGain team has managed our account. Their team is available to support us 24X7 and is very considerate towards our staff and their queries. Overall, the integration of RateGain technology solution has proved to be utterly successful for Thanos Hotels & Resort.

Mr. Kunwardeep Singh – Thanks a lot for taking out time to speak to us. We wish you lots of luck for your future. Appreciation from customers gives us the motivation to further improve our services and help our customers enhance their revenue.

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